Small Z-Wave motion sensor

I'm looking for a z-wave motion sensor that is smaller sized.

Any recommendations?

These are NOT cheap, $52 each, but I love them. Really responsive and they claim up to 5 years on battery. The ceiling one does temp and humidity the other just does motion and temp.

Those appear to be zigbee, no?

I'm looking for a small Z-WAVE motion sensor.

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So true sorry. Saw "motion sensor" and off I went.

EDIT: Just noticed the desired target is Z-Wave. I'll leave this here just in case. IMHO zigbee is perfect for motion sensors, as it allows them to be small and discreet. Unless you must have Z-wave, strongly recommend these. But to each his/her own! :slight_smile:

You can find these on eBay...Iris motion sensors, 3326-L. Fantastic. Small, fast, dependable.


The next gen is a little bigger but adds humidity reporting: IL07 3rd gen. The pic below is not to scale w/the one above. :slight_smile: It's just a little bigger. I just bought some of these, $13 each, free shipping.

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The above is Zigbee so won't work either. You are less likely to find small Z-Wave motions sensors becsuse until recently, the protcol needed more power than Zigbee, so coin-cell batteries and others without larger capacities were not feasible. The Ring Gen 2 motion sensor uses the current 700-series Z-Wave and, I think, coin cell batteries, or at the very least is a lot smaller than the last generation. However, it requires S2 so will only work if you have a C-7 hub. More may come to the market at some point, but that's the only one I know of now.

I'm not sure what your criteria for "small" are. The Zooz ZSE18, HomeSeer HS-MS100+, Dome DMMS-1, and Fibaro (the one that their marketing photos make look like an eye even though it doesn't) are about golf-ball sized, plus the size of their technically optional mounts. I think they're the smallest I've seen in that arena. Otherwise, as mentioned above, you habe lots of Zigbee options. :slight_smile:

if you have a spare pi/linux machine around, i'd highly recommend using [RELEASE] Alpha WyzeSense Integration. it is over zigbee though, but they are small devices

Motion Sensor

  • Height: 1.2" (30.5mm)
  • Width: 1.2" (30.5mm)
  • Depth: 0.9" (23mm)

Most of my motion sensors are Zigbee because as you said they tend to respond faster than Z-Wave.

But in this case Iโ€™m placing a motion sensor in my mailbox that is at the far corner of my property, and I need the extra range that z-wave offers.

Faster and easier:

  1. Place small wolverine in mailbox on a leash

Screams of the mail carrier will alert you when mail has arrived. At least one time. :wink:


If you donโ€™t have any zigbee devices (ie. repeaters) you can probably still use zigbee motion sensors if your hub is centrally located. When I first set up my second hub, I joined 31 of my zigbee (non-repeating) devices to the hub and left it for a couple days before adding repeaters and other devices. I did this so I would know if I had any end-devices that might be problematic without having to wonder if it was a problem with the repeaters. Even devices on the other end of the house had no problems staying connected.

No, Iโ€™ve got a good Zigbee mesh network, but my mailbox is apparently just out of range. Iโ€™m pretty sure a z-wave device would have just enough extra range to work.

I understand now. You might try searching for this in the forum. I have seen people post topics related to sensors for mailbox notifications.

I agree they work well. Small note, they all report humidity.

So they do! Why did I think they didn't? Thanks for that.

The smallest Zwave motion sensor (that I know of) is the AeoTec motion sesnor, followed by the Zooz.
As everyone else says, zwave is overpriced, and works slow.
(If you want to buy a used one, please send me a PM).

@didymus do you have the ability to run a wire to your mailbox? if so, you could try using a WADWAZ-1 and use the external contacts to create a contact sensor on your mailbox door. have it trigger a VS when the mailbox door gets opened, so you'll know when it's been opened

Zooz is a llttle over 2" wide?

but the Aeotec in only 1 3/4" at $45

the NCZ-3043-HA MUCH bigger at 3 inches.

That is what I found too. Mine are the bigger Monoprice ones and they work quickly.

You can get a Z-Wave repeater and place it as close as possible. I think the metal of the box would be the biggest problem getting a signal.

How about his one?