Sluggish performace on

Has anyone else noticed their system running a bit sluggish on ver (latest as of this post)? Can't put a finger on a possible cause yet but everything just seems to be running much slower after this update.

Some things I'm noticing...

  • changing screens on the hubs interface seems to be taking longer
  • changing screens using the Dashboard takes a really long time
  • pressing a tile on the dashboard takes a few seconds to turn the light on/off
  • also after pressing a tile on the dashboard, even though it did adjust the light, the tile doesn't come back with the new state. It just hangs in the pushed state until the screen is refreshed. Doesn't happen all the time but much more than before the update

Just seems like everything is now running in slow motion. My system just isn't as snappy as it was before the update. It still works and not seeing any errors but something is going on here.



YES, I too have noticed the sluggish performance, for me it seems to be directly related to the official nest integration. Once I removed it, everything is snappy again.

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hmmm, I saw your post on that. I do have 1 nest, 3 protects, 1 cam and the hello doorbell. I wish we could disable an app without deleting it.

I did check my log to see how much it was showing. I'm only getting 1 log message about every 10 to 15 seconds from the Nest Eventstream.

I don't have the NEST integration. I am seeing some random behavior with triggers.

I have a Z-Wave contact sensor on my front door and the rule which locks the door when door closes no longer fires constantly.

The other trigger I use is the WebCore presence sensor. I have an app which turns off a virtual switch when I get within range of my house. I can see the presence change from the RM App debug, but the virtual switch never turns off.

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Originally I was having issues with Alexa after the upgrade but now I am noticing the slowness you guys are talking out. I have contact sensors that used to fire the lights on in less then 500ms and now taking a good 1 second or more. Also sometimes my Hue motion sensors miss fire and the light does not go on. I did not noticed this before the update. It now feels slower then SmartThings, which is what I came from.

Alexa still has issues to and it seems to be intermittent. Sometimes she will respond quickly and the command is relayed promptly. Other times the command will get issued but Alexa responds that she could not complete the request.

I also do not have a Nest, but I do have an Ecobee.

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I have a Z-Wave contact sensor on my front door and the rule which locks the door when door closes no longer fires constantly.

Me too... I had to set the lock to auto lock locally as i no longer trust hubitat

We'd like to investigate deeper what might be causing this. Please contact support. We're probably not in a great position to do much this weekend, but we will get to the bottom of it.

Thanks @bravenel ticket ID #10779

Just thought I'd echo some one the feedback here. I thought had fixed my Amazon Alexa Skill sluggishness yesterday, but it came back this morning. I'm getting the following error: :Error making Call to Alexa message gateway. Service Unavailable

Today I noticed that single lights would take 3-5 seconds to turn on/off via Alexa. At times, Alexa will turn on/off a light then about 5-6 seconds later say the device isn't responding


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Yeah exactly what I was seeing.

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After reading this thread I realized that I was complaining in another thread that my hub has been slow, I was thinking it was something in the zwave mesh but probably is the sluggish performance mentioned here. Thanks for the info.

Two days running I’ve had mine completely hang. Red light on the front, with no option apart from pulling the plug.

Is there anything I can check after rebooting towards a cause?

I’m monitoring and if it continues I’ll raise a ticket too. Thx.

Add me to the list

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Anyone experiencing this sore of sluggish performance is encouraged to roll back to Release, while we sort out what the problem is with

To do this, go to http://<your hub ip>:8081
(Don't actually click on that link!)

We will get to the bottom of this issue.


Hmmm, everyone here have a large Z-Wave mesh network?

I do only have one Z-Wave device and one Nest device, but I'm not experiencing any delays at all. Alexa is triggering virtual switches, which is triggering Insteon connected via Homebridge through HomeKit automation, and even with that crooked path to the end result, it's still controlling the lights before it can finish saying "OK". The remainder of my devices, except for a few direct connected Zigbee bulbs, motion sensors, contact sensors and Hue lights connected via bridge, are all responding quickly.

About 77 z-wave, 23 zigbee and 25 or so virtual devices :smiley:

1 Harmony hub
4 Lutron Pico's
1 nest thermostat, 3 protects, 2 cams

36 z-wave, 33 zigbee, numerous virtual switches

I've been ok since the upgrade. It actually increased the responsiveness of the web interface for me.

20 zwave
30 zigbee
14 hue bulbs
1 nest protect
3 sonos speakers
1 Rachio controller
4 lifx bulbs
2 harmony hubs
A bunch of caseta switches
And a few virtual switches.

I haven't integrated my ecobee thermostat and sensors yet...waiting a week or so to see how it settles in first.

This is interesting.
I have actually moved stuff back to ST as I was finding things were slowing down on HE. I moved them to see if it was my devices/setup etc. or HE.
I have found that things are quicker on ST at the moment. They never used to be.
On ST everything is using webCoRE so is cloud based.
I will follow this with interest.

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