Slowness and lag since updating to 2.3.7

Ever since updating to 2.3.7 a couple of days ago,any automations are taking several seconds to complete instead of less than a second. I’ve heard other cases with automation hubs where Matter support was added and there’s serious lag.

Where I’m seeing this specifically is my dsc alarm sensors that are hardwired. They go through the evisalink hardware and envisalink app on the hub (c7).

Is there known lag issues with this latest release?

The C7 doesn't support matter, so it's irrelevant to your hub.

Try shutting on your hub, pulling power from it, wait a minute, and plug it in again. That will restart the ZigBee and z wave radios.

I'm running Matter on my C8 and don't have any lag or issues.


I have had the same thing also on my C7. Automations, such as lighting with my mmW sensors now frequently take a few seconds to activate, whereas they were pretty much instant before. I have done all the usual tricks, with no luck. Just putting up with it for now, as because things actually work (just very slowly) it's difficult to diagnose. A failure is much easier.

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Something is not adding up here. I did what you suggested about unplugging and restarting the radios. However, my sensors and the automations have nothing to do with zigbee or zwave. Something in this release has caused very serious lag issues. I have not changed anything. What else could this be?

Roll back... Does it go back to normal?

Sorry about that I missed that you were using those hardwired sensors in the configuration you describe. Just me reading too fast and not actually computing what I'm reading. :astonished:

Unfortunately I have noticed random slowness with near all my automations not related
to a specific device. My setup is C7+C8+HA. Both HEs updated to the latest
Slowness became noticeable with introduction of platform. Matter on C8 is not
enabled. Something is going on with the latest platform update.

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Interesting issue, although I’m sure it’s not fun for those having it. I upgraded both my C8 and C7 to 2.3.7.x two days ago and haven’t seen any performance issues.

I’m wondering if there is a specific integration that might be at the heart of the issues being seen. Have you chaps gone into device / app stats to see if there are any specific integrations that are using a lot more resources than others?


And your issues have persisted across multiple 2.3.7 releases, I assume, w/out any significant changes?

Have you monitored your memory level during these issues? You can use the endpoint below or the community Hub Info Driver to monitor hub memory.



I just sort of rebuilt my Hubitat from scratch last week ago on platform 2.3.6. I completely reset ZWave and re-included all my devices back in using an external controller, and rewrote many of my automations to use "better methods" that I've learned over the years. Everything was nice and speedy and reliable for the first time in over a year..

Then completely borked it with a power outage (ie kid unplugged it and the network accidentally and broke things). After a day without Hubitat, I was finally able to get it back up and running with help from others in here.

Everything is fixed now. I've updated now to the latest Been on it for about 2 days now. I can't say I've noticed any automation slowness yet, but I have noticed that the web UI and Rule Machine seem noticably slower than in past platforms..

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No accident...he's just on the Stress Test Team. Maybe get him a t-shirt w/that on it? :wink:


Hubitat and my Unifi switch didn't fare too well in this particular stress test... I swear, like 3 days without a working UPS and somehow that's when disaster strikes! What are the odds?

At least both were back up within a single day of failure..


Yes, this is a correct statement.
Frankly, occasionally these random delays happened in a past but unfortunately became
more noticeable after upgrading to the 2.3.7.x platform.

Free memory is usually above 0.5GB on both nubs.
Here is C7:

And here is C8:

And, "yes" there was not any significant changes for both hubs.

Of course, absolutely nothing specific was catch in a logs.
And both hubs went trough the "soft reset and restore latest backup" sequences.
But if I am not mistaken, this problem is somewhat self healing over time.
Also, I am in a big condo with enormous amount of WiFi Routers, Bluetooth Devices, etc. around.
Who knows what my neighbors are doing in the very crowed 2.4GHz band.
Surprisingly my Zigbee Mesh is very stable but all these delays somehow could be attributed
to a very busy (and uncontrolled) 2.4GHz band. Who knows and hard to say what is going on.
Maybe it is a simple coincidence with upgrading to a latest 2.3.7.x platform.

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I have been on full time now for several days. I am also noticing lag in automations now.

Almost all of my lighting automations are based on door contacts for activation rather than motion, and then use motion to keep the lights on. Generally the light activation is reliable and immediate. Starting yesterday, I would notice that I'd open the door and the light would lag several seconds. Sometimes, I was midway into the room before the light turned on, whereas usually it's on before the door is even fully swung open..

I just rebuilt my Zwave network from scratch last week so I know for sure there are no ghosts currently. All of my lighting is ZWave and all of my contact and motion sensors are Zigbee.

I also notice that Rule Machine UI and opening logs takes longer than usual. Sometimes I get lag when opening the dashboards on the mobile UI.

I think I am going to roll back to 2.3.6 and see the lags go away again.

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Do you have hub info installed and if yes, how much free memory does your hub have?

I’ve found less that 200mb free can do this no matter the version. As a result I have RM reboot when memory goes below this level.

Yes, and at the time I first started noticing problems I was still in the 380MB range. Earlier today when I had been noticing continuous slowness for a full day I was at around 315MB.

I have since reverted back to and it's only been up for just over 5 hours, but I haven't noticed any lag in automations or Rule Machine UI since reverting. I am going to stick with 2.3.6 for a few days and see if the same lag issues creep back up.

That is weird, I have 2.3.7.x on my C7 and C8 and haven’t seen any unusual slow downs.

The only thing I’ve noticed is memory gets used up quicker with matter enabled.

Mine is a C-5.. :man_shrugging:

I'm gonna stick with 2.3.6 for a few days and if I have no issues by next week I'll probably try 2.3.7 again.

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This is not new (actually very old) problem and not all rules are affected.

Looks like a new beta is out so I may not camp on 2.3.6 as long as I had thought.

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