Slowdown solutions

This thread is to discuss methods to debug and fix slowdown

Please do not rant in this thread.

Please list the devices/apps in effect as formatted in this post, and the solution to fix the problem caused

I'll start with a solution that I realized last night.

I didn't realize how chatty my Iris V2 plugs were when they were reporting power.

I've disabled the setting for automatic reporting, and set it to manually refresh every 30 seconds.

Assigning the 'use all devices' setting in Dashboards may possibly lead to slowdown.


Rogue Zigbee devices can overwhelm a hub.


I'll report more (healthy) solutions in this thread with the same formatting as above---anyone with other solutions---please share! :slight_smile:


Apologies for the shameless “plug”, but have you checked out my Iris Smart Plug driver? It can be set to both threshold and time reporting. In other words, don’t report unless wattage change exceeds X or send a report if Y seconds has elapsed since the last one.

I have been able to dial back the chattiness of these plugs considerably with those changes.


Hey, thanks for the plug, actually---that's exactly what I need!


V1's are the same way. The minute you open up zigbee logging, they are immediately the first devices listed and log activity anywhere to every 10-30 seconds even when no power is being used through the plug.

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That's the 3210-L? I thought they didn't report power? Just ordered 5 of these so I'd LOVE to be wrong.

Edit: did some more digging and I am indeed wrong. SWEET!

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Really? Interesting. I haven’t seen that on my v1. Do I need to enable a deeper form of logging? Just doing description text right now.

It’s your lucky day! :slight_smile:

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We may be talking about two different things. I'm not really referring to descriptive text log "chatty" as I rarely have anything for this device displayed there as it's not used rarely but described by the device event page 'this example' of this device rarely ever gets used for anything and was more installed just for a repeater. Here is the "events" logged all the way back since October.

But here are the "Zigbee Logs" for that same device within 5 minutes it fills up the entire screen with entries. Shown here.

Compared to another zigbee repeater "a peanut" during the same time frame.

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I love this driver. I have 6 or so of the 3210L plugs. I also have several SPG800 V1 plugs.....any chance you will be creating a driver for that device, or is it possible this driver would work with it? I think it only reports power and on/off state.

It depends on whether the device supports the extra commands (clusters) or not. The HA 1.2 spec is fairly well defined. If the SPG800's support those commands the driver should work as it is now. It just lacks the fingerprint needed for the hub to automatically use the driver.

Well these are V1 devices, so maybe not. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to give one a try would it?

If they're Iris V1 devices they use a different cluster structure so they won't work. We'll need to beg @mike.maxwell for any changes to those devices. :slight_smile:

what are we begging for?

Better controls for energy reporting on the v1 plugs.. If such reporting config exists.

Keypad support would be nice, while I have your attention. :slight_smile:

Ah, yeah all the reporting on the V1 devices is baked into the device firmware as near as I can tell, they certainly do not respond to zha 1.2 report configuration commands.
And I don't recall seeing anything configuration wise in any of the Iris driver code.

Yeah, that's just not going to happen, that driver is 40 hours at least, I can't justify that right now.

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That's okay - everything is working and I don't "really" need the Iris V1 keypad as I have an Elk alarm system with it's own keypads. I really like the driver for the IL_071 though. Great improvement and cut down on traffic.

You're slowing down in your old age.. I would have thought you could have done it in 38!


Back to the topic of slowdown solutions. My HE is back to its speedy self after removing 6 peanut plugs from my mesh. I tried with power reporting enabled and disabled, with the generic zigbee outlet driver and the Peanut driver, and saw no difference. I wasn't really seeing dramatic slowdowns, but consistently saw an increase of about 500ms in my virtual switch in Hub Watchdog and rebooting did not make any difference to this time. This is where I'm at now:
I also think that incomplete removal of devices from rules and apps may also be causing some of the issues I have had in the past. I installed 4 Sengled color bulbs last week. I removed 4 Sylvania RGBW bulbs from a group and added the 4 Sengleds. One of the Sylvania bulbs still turned on and off with the group device it was removed from. I had replaced a bulb that was in a lamp in the same room with one of the Sylvanias or I probably wouldn't have figured this out for a while. I had to delete and recreate the group to get this to stop happening. I also had some strange errors being thrown on my main hub whenever my hue motion sensor (which is on a different hub) was triggered active or inactive. This device wasn't even being mirrored to the main hub and didn't have anything on the main hub associated with it, but had at one time. The only way I was able to stop the error was by deleting the device from the remote hub and rediscovering it from scratch.
BTW, I had already tried a soft reset on both hubs when I was trying to figure out what was causing the error, and removed all remote hub devices to let them be rebuilt and the error continued to occur.
@bravenel , any idea what would cause these issues. They seem to be related.

The one thing that helped my hub was NOT using all devices on every dashboard. I think they even imply that in one of the video chats, but unless I missed it I don't see that warning in the documentation or in the app itself.

Even though that setting is available, I believe it to be a bad thing to have available. It would be nice to have other ways to sort/select items available to the dashboard, but if that isn't in the works, I would suggest the Hubitat team just remove that setting.

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I'd disagree for one reason: new users. New users with only a few devices setup need it to be as easy as possible to initially configure a dashboard.

Wow, I just tried this, and anecdotally, it has made a marked difference.

I will consider moving the dashboards off my main hub.

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