Slow web interface


AFAIK, no. But, there are things you can do to control it using smart outlets/plugs and such (obviously depending on how it's wired up).


maybe we can all convince it's in ecobee's best interest to provide a local access pathway. =) less load on their api, etc.


That's actually been tried in the past and they were against it.


Well then they need to get their act together because after looking at that status page there are issues every 3-4 days which is unacceptable.


that's a pretty weak argument on their behalf. If Logitech can do it with Harmony, ecobee should be able to serve up a basic local interface...


I'm NOT telling you that it is any cloud integration.
I just suggested that it would be where I would start troubleshooting.
I've seen quite a few logs where calls are made repeatedly if no response is received or if the response is delayed.



Hi @Cobra,

Again, it would be great if we could see some way to easily troubleshoot that. With dozens of devices and integrations, it's hard to wade through the logs. Resending requests should be something that's logged under "hub" or "Error". "Didn't get a response. Resending". etc. Also, again, the hub shouldn't go off into oblivion waiting for a response.

I get you're guessing based on previous experience (no harm there), but HE needs to realize that if the hub is going to become unresponsive due to an integration, we need a better way to fix it. Heck, I'd say if a response fails twice in a row, the hub should temporarily disable that integration. Or have some type of auto-backoff. Basically at this point, if it is ecobee, they're unintentionally DoS'ing us. With no way for us to know short of guessing...


Not quite.
I have seen the internal logs show this sort of data



even better. those logs should be exposed, or some form of warning should be presented when integrations are failing. =/ this shouldn't be a blindly enabling/disabling integrations and breaking smart home routines to try to find the root of an issue. =/


still submitted a ticket asking them for that feature enhancement.


The big issue for me is without a log that indicates a possible app/driver issue or some kind of consistency it make it very difficult to try and replicate the problem. And then there are times where the Zigbee radio goes down or in the case of yesterday the hub throw up a 500 error and is not accessible.

And then there is times I can go days or even a week without issues and other times it happens a couple days in a row.


I am going to keep going down the list I guess. All I have left for custom apps is WATO, MyQ Garage and AlarmDecoder. For drivers its APIXU Weather, Logitech Harmony Parent, MyQ Garage Door Opener, Virtual Presence Plus, Child Switch and Alarm Decoder.

Both the AlarmDecoder and MyQ apps/drivers have been installed since October of last year and I had no issues last year, so I doubt these are causing issues. Also none of these apps/devices should be causing any kind of excessive traffic.

I just disabled WATO to see if it makes any difference.


I'm also using MyQ... how long are you waiting before determining something wasn't it?


I highly doubt its MyQ since this issue wasn't present last year for me.

I will wait a Couple of days usually or until I see the issue again.

Edit: I am going to keep a log open and if I see the Zigbee radio go down or any kind of excessive load on the hub I will move onto the next thing. Unfortunately there is no easy way to tell if the radio went down because there is nothing logged. The only thing I can go by is a device label "0000" shows up in the Zigbee logging.


If you have zigbee presence sensors they will all drop off and show away at once.
I had the issue a couple of times previously with all the cars leaving at 3am and the house screaming - waf was at an all time low that night :slight_smile:



I was wondering why that happened randomly, thanks that will help.


fwiw from ecobee:


We do not support that integration at the moment, However I will submit the feature request.

ecobee Technical Support."


They don't support the Hubitat integration???

That's funny. I actually removed my ecobee integration this morning just to see if it helps with responsiveness of my hub. Currently, I really only use Alexa and the built-in schedules to do anything with the thermostat anyhow, so it's not a big loss to me if it isn't integrated with my hub.


I had disabled WATO last night and sure enough the Zigbee radio went down around 2:30am which is when maintenance is happening. It also then went down again around 7am this morning. I am going to disable MyQ next and see what happens.


I just received my hubitat this week, and before any installation of anything was suffering from this slowness. Took several tries, and several hours, to even get the first update installed.

All stock HE everything, no custom drivers, no custom apps, nothing.

Interface is averaging 20-30 seconds load time, when it does load. Most times it doesn't.

Right now one part of the interface tells me it's not registered, another tells me it is, and I get the 'cloud not connected' message the majority of the time.

CSS will occasionally not load, so I often get messed up interfaces. Wasted at least a few dozen hours trying to do simple tasks.

Internet is extremely stable here, and fast, and everything is local.

I mailed support on the day I received it, coming on 5 days, no response.

The experience thusfar is.... extremely frustrating to say the least.