Slow or unresponsive hub

Are you currently running any custom code? This is often the root cause of problems you may be experiencing. To diagnose the problem code, start by looking at your logs to see if any red error messages appear (check this post for more details about available logs).

To troubleshoot your problem, first remove all of the custom code installed in your system. Once the custom code is removed, test your system to see if the problems persists. If your hub is still struggling, then escalate the problem to the support team.

If removing the custom code solves the issue, the problem is with the custom code. We do not support custom code, but encourage you find the source of the problem and reach out to the developer directly.

To find the problem code, add your custom drivers and apps back into your system one at a time, testing your system each time you add custom code. Once you pinpoint the code that is causing your problems, please contact the developer to resolve the issue.

You can also post in our broken code section of the community to help others who may be experiencing the similar issues.