Sliding Door - miniscule position sensor or tilt sensor?

As has been discussed here several times, there is no standard in the US for sliding door (patio type door) handle/locking latch hardware, which is why we don't see options for smartlocks.

In the absence of a smart lock for these doors, I'd like to at least be able to monitor their locking status with either a position sensor, or a tilt sensor on the latch.

The doors are Pella brand, with the latch directly behind the handle, vertically parallel to the handle when locked, and tipped to the slide side when not locked. There is about 1/8" between the door and the back of the latch and the same between the front of the latch and the handle. An ultrathin tilt sensor attached to the back of the latch would be perfect, if such a thing exists.

To lock /unlock the latch , you put your hand around the handle and your fingers on the indentation on either side of the 1" latch to move it from locked to unlocked. If there is a position switch similar to the slim strip, that is smaller, narrower, and flexible, I could potentially attach that to the back of the curved handle, and attach a magnet to the front of the latch.

Any ideas?

find the smallest contact sensor you can, mount on frame. Glue a Neodymium tiny round magnet on the latch lock slide so that it closes the contact when the magnet is in locked position. Visonic probably has the smallest contact sensor.
See here:

Any chance of a pic?
All those words don't seem to form an image in my old brain. :confused:

Some inventive ideas here:

The Nyce 3011 is about the smallest contact sensor I have worked with.
They are very reliable and I have been getting pretty good battery life (CR 2032 button cells). Not sure if they are small enough for what you want to do.

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