Sinope TH1300ZB - clock is 24 hours?

I can't seem to get the clock into 12 hour mode? I tried F and use location setting. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Settings then Location and Modes, then towards the bottom is Time Format.

Thanks - but that is not the issue. I have that set to 12 hour and yet the clock on the Sinope is still showing 24 hour.

If you still can get it, give them a call tomorrow. I've spoken with them before and they're really helpful and knowledgable about their products.

This would imply that you need the gateway to do this. I don't have the gateway so I might be out of luck. I will contact them. However, even if there is a way to change this wouldn't it be through the hubitat driver?

Only if @mike.maxwell added it, but that’s not something you’re going to need to change often, so probably not.

Sinope would not give us their manufacturer specific configuration commands, so I don't know how to change the clock format.

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Thanks. Is there anyway to automate the Set Clock button? I noticed that when the thermostat loses power the clock doesn't display and I have to hit the Set Clock Time button before it displays again.

I also have to set the clock after daylight savings time changes. I hate DST clock changes, so pointless.

Since there isn't a way for the thermostat to notify when it looses power, there's not really a way to automat that, and we don't have a system dst event at this point, but you could create a rule to set the time after the dst change since we know when that happens.

I figured I would set up a rule to issue the Set clock command once a day just to make sure. I am not sure how to create a rule to do this? I can't find an action to use in a rule that sets the clock? Thanks.

When you live further North, it’s definitely not pointless.

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Try Custom Actions to see if the parameter is available

Just hooked up the first on my new Sinope Thermostats here and noticed the time was default 24 hour and found my way here trying to change to 12 hour display.

I guess the thing to do is bug Sinope to share "manufacturer specific configuration commands" with Hubitat team? Would the show outside temp be part of that as well?


the issue with this being there isn't a simple way of using a hubitat included device to provide these readings to the thermostat.
It makes little sense to limit the driver to supporting a cloud based whether service as the source of outside temp, and currently there isn't a simple way of retrieving outside temp from an HE included sensor, so this feature isn't implemented.

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Cool, thank-you for confirming and clarifying.

@mike.maxwell Sinope publishes a driver for platform not to be named that is similar to Hubitat:

These look like the relevant commands for the clock:

if(TimeFormatParam == "12h AM/PM"){//12h AM/PM
    traceEvent(settings.logFilter,"Set to 12h AM/PM",settings.trace)
    cmds += zigbee.writeAttribute(0xFF01, 0x0114, 0x30, 0x0001)
    traceEvent(settings.logFilter,"Set to 24h",settings.trace)
    cmds += zigbee.writeAttribute(0xFF01, 0x0114, 0x30, 0x0000)

Is that something I can do or does this need to be added to the driver?


Only you can answer that question :grinning:

Let me rephrase. Can this be added to the driver as it is quite valuable to have the clock updated and in 12 hour format for those of us that don't count to 24. And how would we go about getting the driver updated?