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attr=0x0020 is to get/set the hour that's kept in seconds; care to elaborate on how this attribute relates to making the clock visible, and screen backlight ? I would have thought backlight/clock would have been in cluster=0x0201 part of the ZCL, but didn't find anything in the PDF.

Sinope didnt and won't divulge any particulars regarding their cluster, i asked, they declined.
I was only able to implement what they published in the driver they wrote for ST.
If I recall, setting the clock to 0 turns it off.

This looks very promising! I've got 15 of these to install in the next few weeks so I'll be keeping a close eye on this thread.

Hi kris2k2 .. any chance you can post the driver as you have it now?

I'm very interested in this feature being implemented as well, I bought one of these and was a bit disappointed in the HE native driver for not having this implemented.

I was also disappointed in the tile in the dashboard, it does not implement a hold button with a set hold temperature (had to add another virtual switch to do this with rule machine) and it has all the cooling options that is not needed with heat only devices.

I'm pretty new to HE but not to programming or CSS/HTML, but the documentation is just a bit lacking for now since I don't have that much time on my hands at the moment.

@kris2k2 Hoping you publish your driver code for this and was wondering if we can just send it a temperature from an outdoor sensor to have real time local temp via a rule or something each time we get an update from that sensor or pole it every 10 minutes or something.

I've tried porting the driver with very limited success. I used the new (?) Sinope ST driver as a baseline (from the version # it seems older, but from the date, newer).

I did the obvious conversions and can set Heating set point. However the clock and the external temperature elude me.

For the clock, looking through the code, the time must be represented as a Long (it's some weird calculation of the # of seconds since 1/12000 with an endian conversion,
the resulting values exceed what an Integer can hold) - unfortunately the zigbee.writeAttribute only seems to accept an Integer for the value parameter. I'm guessing it could be done with a "raw" or "he wattr" command, but I'm not sure on the formatting for those commands. I'm guessing that's how @mike.maxwell does it in his driver.

For the temperature, I tried commenting out the code that gets weather data and just hardcoded a temperature value. I can see that value make it all the way into the writeAttribute command, but nothing changes on the thermostat and no errors in the log. Unfortunately no ziggy snipper here so I can't see the next link in the chain.

I'll keep plugging away at it (I'm stubborn that way), but am really hoping that @kris2k2 comes back and drops some code on us.

Well his last post in this thread is only 6 days old and I'm pretty sure this is not his main job :wink:. So for now the native driver in HE works great with only a small missing feature that will most likely be implemented if the company reaches out to Mike.

I might go see them directly since the company is only a few minutes away from my home and try to get them to play nice with Mike or code the driver themselves like they did with ST.

I was really hoping for this company since they sent a bunch of there products to Hubitat so that they can support there equipment right out of the box, but then they don't seem to be helping at all in the righting of the drivers by supplying the missing info Mike needs to get this working!

whoops ... I was not meaning to come off as impatient at all.

@nclark going to see them in person sounds like a great idea. From my experience they seem like a company looking to grow their business.

When I was shopping for thermostats, it was between Sinope and Stelpro. I reached out to the company directly and felt like I had pretty much been brushed aside by an administrative assistant. I posted on the ST boards looking for opinions between the 2 brands and the rep from Sinope reached out to me directly. Long story short, I now have 15 Sinope thermostats.

They are active on forums, I'm sure if we could get them onto this one then we might be able to get them to release HE drivers as they release ST drivers, especially since the code is so similar.

I have really good experience with Sinope as well. It was the reason I have 12 neviweb thermostats including 2 infloor. Yeah, bought them way before Hubitat and Zigbee version were out. The person wrote the driver for them is on the ST forum and live in the same province I think. Took him quite a while to write the Zigbee DTH.

@mike.maxwell I can't get a device using your native driver to be visible in Google Home.

As this is a closed driver, I can only guess that it is missing one of "thermostat, heatingsetpoint, coolingSetpoint or thermostatSetpoint". Is it possible to get an update to the driver which allows for integration with Google Home as well?

Success ! The Sinopé thermostat is really neat !

Based on the driver I found (version 1.1.0, SVN-571) ... Adapted on the features I want .. :slight_smile:

Working :

  • Outdoor temperature (source Environment Canada) .. I'm waiting for my RTL-SDR USB dongle to read my own outdoor temp ... :grin:
  • Temperature set point
  • Backlight setting
  • Time setting
  • Scale (C / F) setting

Nice job @scoulombe, do you mind sharing your code? @mike.maxwell might even be able to use your findings and integrate it in the official driver?

Wow again!

Thanks @nclark !

Here it is :

Anyone knows if a driver can read properties (attributes) from another driver ? Like ... If I have a Weather driver, I would like that my TH1123ZB driver access attributes from it ... ?


Thanks @scoulombe

Is that the low voltage version or the high voltage version?

I have one room the requires an electric baseboard heater. Currently I’m using a Non-smart Honeywell programmable 240v thermostat. One thing that I really like about it, is it’s ability to increase the level of the heater in stages based on how cold the room is in relation to the set point, and it pulses the load on and off. I can see this happening with my Home Energy Monitor. It’s not just full on and then off when the set point is reached.

Does anyone know how the high voltage Sinope version controls the heating element? Is it pulsed levels, or just simply full on until the set point is reached?

The TH1123ZB (3000W like the one pictured above) and TH1124ZB (4000W same but a bit wider to accommodate a bigger heat sink and components) are both 120/240V high level thermostats W/Zigbee.

Yes they do use pulse level. So when it get's close to the asked temp, it will bring down the level of heating by pulsing and will rarely overshoot more than by .5 degrees (celcius in my case).

They are very good looking compared to others and do have a complete line for low voltage and floor heating to have a nice uniform look all around your house.

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@scoulombe, do you have to install a custom app or driver or hard code a postal code or something to get the Environment Canada temperatures?

Thanks again, will try it out tomorrow when I go to the cabin.

Perfect. Thank you. Exactly what I needed to know. Really appreciate the feedback and Sinope will appreciate you too since I’m ordering now.

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This is great! I've got these setup on ST because of the missing features, this is what I've been waiting for to bring them over. Good work @scoulombe

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