Sinope Tank Level Driver Not Giving Meaningful Results With Sinope Oil Tank Gauge

I just got a Sinope Tank Level monitor with Sinope's remote-ready (Rochester type) float gauge.

I have a "standard" US 275 gallon tank, that I measured at 38" deep with a stick.

I have not dunked the float in yet, thankfully, lol.

Choosing "Oil" on the built-in Hubitat provides no meaningful results.

I have chatted with Sinope tech support and they indicated that to work properly, any driver needs to be configured for the tank height.

Sinope's app, to be be used with its hub, has several choices for tank height.

Based on the meaningless of the readings, more than just tank height may be at play, but I don't know.

The person I chatted with at Sinope looked at the Hubitat driver page and said that they would reach out to Hubitat.

@mike.maxwell , I believe you created the Sinope Tank Level driver, which seems to giving a correct reading for my 1,000 gallon horizontal propane tank.


edit: And @mike.maxwell , I'll provide any assistance you need, esp. if you don't have the device.

Sinope sent me some info regarding this, hopefully it will help.

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Great. An example of the stuff in addition to just tank depth i noted above is that when the gauge is at full, the driver puts out 20%, and when the gauge for my 38" deep tank says empty, the driver puts out 90%. When the sensor is disconnected from the gauge, it reads zero. Hope that helps.

Here is a picture of the setup.
A 2"/1.5" bushing is necessary for my standard US 275 gallon tank.
This will affect, somewhat, the fully retracted "full" reading.
Alas, the only way to get around that would be to lengthen the string somewhat-I'm sure that'll work out, lol.
The gauge supplied by Sinope, has Sinope's name on it and is "Made in the EU".
I looked around on the web and could not find a "Rochester Remote-Ready" gauge for oil.

Any progress?

Hi @mike.maxwell .

Any progress?
I'm in the Beta program, so I could test anything there, if you want.
I also haven't installed the gauge or the sensor, if you need help from that end.

Not as of yet, I should be able to get to it shortly.

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Hi @mike.maxwell .

I see you're active.

Anything to report?

not yet no

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Hi @mike.maxwell ,

Any news?


the info sinope sent me wasn't of particular value, but the data you gave me should allow it to work correctly for your tank size.
update will be in the next 2.3.8 release

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The next 2.3.8 beta release, correct?


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So, it apparently didn't make it into the 2.3.8 production release?

I'm guessing it'll be included in the first 2.3.9 beta?

It missed the first 2.3.8 release it will be the first hotfix

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@mike.maxwell ,

I've been trying like heck to get it to work.
I can get 0% and 100%, but nothing in between.
Just now I got %null% with the gauge at 30%, which prompted this post, lol.

If you want me to try something else, debug logs, etc, let me know.

Do you have a Sinope fuel gauge you can test with the Level Sensor?
(I assume you have the Level Sensor).

I can send the fuel gauge to you, if necessary.
It hasn't been in oil yet, lol.

I'll keep trying, but I'd like to finish the install and get the tank buttoned up.


edit: It's repeatable, sort of.
I removed the sensor/gauge connector and it read 0%.
I plugged it back in with the gauge at full and it read 100%
I dropped the float to about the 35% mark, and it read null.
I then dropped it to the empty mark, and it read 100%
It then went back to null!

edit2: I now can't get it to read 0 when the gauge reads empty.

I don’t have any of the oil gauge bits. I only have the two different Rochester propane sensors and the actual Sinope sensor

Let me know if you want me to send you the gauge (to borrow).
It's driving me bat crazy.
PM with address if you want.

edit: It's sitting on a bushing I had to get to adapt the threads.

What does "c" mean when I save preferences?