Sinope Dimmer - Double Tap Function?

I noticed on the Sinope site that they list the following

A single click to turn off the outdoor light, a double-click to turn on the entire kitchen. You’re the one to choose what the light switch will control.

I was curious if anyone has got the double-click function to work on Hubitat? I know Sinope traditionally has many features that they offer when using their hub, but since Hubitat now supports some of them (such as the LED color configuration), I thought I'd inquire.

Reviving this thread.
I have some of those sinope dimmers and I'm very interested in the double tap feature.
I have sent their support an email, but maybe someone here has figured it out?

Same thing here! I have Sinopé switchs and dimmers. Neviweb allows to take action on double tap of the up or down button but I can't figure how do the same with Hubitat. :cry:

I have only Sinope dimmers and they work very well! Would love to see the double tap as I use it all the time with neviweb, but trying to switch (no puns intented) to Hubitat!

I was wondering about that too - but was wondering if this was some kind of click interpretation in their Sinope hub device -- i.e., if the hub detects a single click followed by another single click within a certain time, does it treat it as a double --, rather than a "true" double-click coming from the device itself. Given issues I've had with Z-Wave in the past, I had considered switching to Zigbee, but couldn't find any dimmers with "real" support for Z-wave central scene like features of multiple clicks, holds, and releases. Anybody know what is actually going on in these dimmers?

Update: Looks like this is answered in the next post and there is "real" double-taps, etc. in the dimmers.

Our next platform release (2.3.2) will have a dedicated driver for the DM2550ZB dimmer which will support push, hold release and double tab for the top and bottom buttons.
This driver will not work with the older DM2500ZB dimmer.


Mike: since you're going to be working on Sinope, could you please fix the driver for the water valve? It always shows that the battery is zero, when it's not.
Thanks in advance.

Huh, mine doesnt do that...

Here is the Data section:

Im on newer firmware...

Other than that i dont see anything different.

Does your driver show an accurate representation of the battery?
(I've replaced the batteries several times, and the driver consistently shows 0).


Hi @mike.maxwell, thanks for the addition of the new driver for Sinopé Dimmer.

Do you have a SW2500ZB switch on which you could have a try? I think it also support double tap. I have one and I can make some tests for you if you want.

What's the ETA on the release of v2.3.2 ?

we're not even done with 2.3.1 yet...

Any chance for the flow meter, or the GT130 getting integrated into HE?

if they send me one, sure...

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Should I use Hubitat to try and update the firmware of the SW2500ZB dimmers?
I've never tried firmware updates and I'm afraid to brick them.

we don't have any firmware image for these devices.

the 2500 device does not support the button events that the 2550 device does.

I don't know if the 2500 can be updated with 2550 firmware, that's a question for Sinope, and they would also need to make any firmware update files available to us, which to date they have not.

I am on hub, using the built-in SW2500ZB driver. When I look at the device logs I see doubleClicked events but no doubleTapped. My dimmer shows as a button in Rule Machine but I cannot find a way to trigger on doubleClicked. DoubleTapped is listed as a trigger but is never fired by the dimmer...
Am I missing something?