Simulate sunrise in the morning with LIFX

I want to simulate sunrise in the morning with an LIFX bulb varying color and brightness - start with dim deep orange going to brighter yellow going to bright daylight over about 30 minutes. I couldn't find anything like that searching the forum. Any suggestions?

oddly - I've been toying for days now with just such a thing. take a look at :

@OldChicagoPete recently added a virtual switch to enable disable, so you could set your ramp up (I offset my sunrise ~29 mins for twilight) . It might be possible to use this app to accomplish your goal, using the virtual switch to toggle it on and off with a rule(s) at the times you want.

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You could try using a rule similar to [How to] Wake up light (RuleMachine only, no scenes ect). Day Lights might work but it’s not really designed for that.

Granted with LIFX bulbs, their color temperature gets quite low. You could just have a rule that fades the color temperature from 1500 or so up to 2700 or so. That would well for you.

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