Simple UPS

Any thoughts on this, dont suffer from power cuts but would like something to protect the hub just in case

Is your hub located near other networking, AV, or PC equipment? If so I’d buy a APC instead and use it for other equipment versus one specifically for your HE hub. My hub is in my “networking” closet along with my NAS, router, switches, etc so I have a large UPS for all of those devices.


something like this?

The line interactive/automatic voltage regulation feature that device has is a good one (better than a “standby” ups).

But am I blind, or does it not even specify what type of battery it uses? Probably lead-acid like most UPSes, but I’d be a little skeptical of a specific company that doesn’t think to include that in the tech specs (unless it has something to do with a difference btw US and UK?).

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I’ve just bought one of these to look at

Although most of my home is on ups, I am looking for something a little more local to be able to move the hub where I please

It will take a few days to arrive but I’ll let you know how I get on.


please i was looking at this

I grabbed one of these based off of recommendations in the forums and it works great. I can unplug it and move my hub around without having to shutdown the hub at all.

You will also need a barrel to usb adapter like this as you will be plugging into the usb port and not the supplied barrel connector.

How did get on with your new ups?

It didn’t arrive yet!

Has it arrived? Had chance to play or have you been busy with website

It did arrive but I have it on charge and didn’t test anything yet..
Been a bit busy today :slight_smile:

Soz to pester, z-wave locked up again today but in the minutes before one of my power plugs reported 250 volts, just wondering if my hub issues are related to excess voltage

I just put it on one of my dev hubs (C7)
I also have a little usb socket tester running in circuit.

  1. Voltage is stable at 5.0.1 V
  2. Current drawn is around 50 - 70ma at idle

I pulled the power plug..
Nothing happened.. the power pack carried on at the same voltage and continued to supply the 50ma

One thing to note..
It isn't obvious whether the power switch is on or off.
If off then it won't still power it if the ac is lost..
So.. you must charge the battery and connect to your hub..
Then turn it on..
then apply mains power..

That way you are sure that it will maintain the hub

The next thing I will do is plug the plug and see how long it lasts.


OK.. further testing with a dummy load...

At a higher load..
700ma - voltage drops to 4.99

900ma voltage = 4.97

1100 ma voltage still at 4.97

1250 ma voltage drops to 4.95
1500 ma volts 4.95.

OK.. so it's actually only rated to 1000ma but I pushed it a bit further to see what happened
It's quite good that it is capable of maintaining a fairly stable voltage even when pushed past it's rating of 1000ma

Bear in mind, this was pack tested with a hub that is not doing a lot.


Have you tried a timed test to see how long this would last powering the hub?

Or current on battery on boot up

In process now... started at 15:20 uk time this afternoon :slight_smile:

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Usb port was showing a max drain of about 120ma when booting.


Would have expected closer to the 1a mark

Still going?

TBH so would I
I really don’t know about the accuracy of this little usb meter though

Yeah, still going
I wrote a silly little app that makes a log entry every 10 minutes.. so we’ll see what the last one is :slight_smile: