Simple rule to keep color bulbs changing?

Is there a way to get the rule machine to change the colors of my bulbs in a roating pattern.

or do i just make a rule, change color, wait, change color, wait.. etc?

if so , how would I execute such a rule where I could simply stop it somehow?

This is possible and you could do it with a virtual switch to disable/enable it if you had a button of some sort. I'd be wary of a constantly running rule like that, but if I wanted to do it, I would set up that when motion sensors are triggered the lights change randomly. I have this on my steps. trigger one sensor and the lights turn on to a color and change when you trip the second sensor. I imagine you could set up something similar in a room, or for outside if you're doing some type of lighting charm. What is your specific use case for this idea?

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One way you can do it:

It's for a party room kinda

@april.brandt made a good point. The rule could overload the process? What do you think

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I don’t really know the inner workings of HE. It depends on how fast you race changing the colors. If the change is every minute then I don’t expect there would be a problem. If you want them to change twenty times a second I wouldn’t hold out high hopes.

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Look at the community app called Lighting Effects.

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