Simple rule to activate scene and companion rule to "deactivate" scene

I have a scene named "Outside Lights" that I'd like to activate 45 minutes prior to sunset and deactivate at 11:30 PM. I assume that I should define two rules. One to activate the scene and a second to deactivate the scene.

I created the activate rule like this:


But when I go to create the deactivate rule, it seems odd that there's no companion "Deactivate scenes" option when defining an action.

Since a scene is represented as a virtual device, is it appropriate to simply turn off that scene's device in the second rule?


If using the scene device is fine for the "deactivate" rule, what is the value of activating the scene in the first rule as opposed to simply turning on the scene's switch device?

Since I encountered cases in which lights would not turn on when attempting to activate scenes via such rules, I replaced the activate scene action with a simple switch action to turn on the scene's device.

I'm still curious to find out the purpose of the "Activate scenes" option in rules actions.

Although I read the introduction to groups and scenes, it didn't answer my questions about activating and deactivating scenes in rules.

All it does is turn on the Scene device.

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