Simple rule machine fail

Hello: I can not get a simple rule for a simple light timer to work....
Name this Rule*

Define Required Expression
Mode is Away(F) [FALSE]

Select Trigger Events
When time is Sunset-20 minutes(7:47 PM)

Select Actions to Run (and Create and Manage Conditions and Local Variables)
On: First Floor Outlet --> delayed: 0:26:40(random) Wait for event: When time is 12:10 AM Off: First Floor Outlet

I watched the video, followed the guidelines, Help

Can you put into words what your goal is w/this automation? Just so we know what you're trying to do, and how it compares to the rule you've posted.

Thanks! You'll get there, lots of helpful people here. :slight_smile:

Sure, I would welcome the help. All I want is a simple light timer, that goes on and off at random times, that is set for when I am away. Nothing complicated. I watched the video, and thought I had it. It will not work. Is it because I am "armed away"?

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So I've never used random timings so no expert, but I have pretty good search skills, and found below searching for "rule machine random lights" -

WIfe demands I move on to family activities, hope above helps.

If you.want random lights while away look at this app instead.

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That looks perfect, however I can not find it in the built in apps section. How would I go about getting this app?

Its not buiit in .. either install hubitat package manager and search or click on the above app
. Goto raw.

Cut and paste it.into the app code section in hubitat. The when you goto add app it should be available.

Thank you kahn-habitat, but that is wayyy over my head. It seems like it would work, but I can not find package manager, and it will not paste into the app code. I just wanted something simple, and easy to set up. I am not into hubitat full time lol!

Did u app first

If you'd like to use Rule Machine, this seems to work fine for me.

You need to set up your required expression and trigger (I used a button so I could try it repeatedly w/out waiting for some timed event).

Log results below showing "on" time delays for two different runs of the rule. Note that the first time it runs, the random delay to turn on (which is set to a max of only 1m for testing purposes) is 09:53:21 > 09:53:26 = 5s. The second time it runs, the random delay to turn on is 09:54:01 to 09:54:50 = 49s.

I set the delay to fixed 10s just to make my testing fast/simple. You could make both ON and OFF commands random if you wanted to, of course.

I watched a video on how to install developer apps and was able to load this vacation lighting app! I have it set for away (which I also had to add mode manager). We shall see if this works tonight. I will let you know.

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Thank you danabw! I am trying a developer app first. If I can't get it to work I will go with your directions (thanks for including the snapshot)!

Yup - my favorite approach (especially for stuff I'm not going to be mucking with much) is an app. Requires less familiarity w/stuff.

I have vacation lighting app in place myself, just had totally forgot about it. :wink:

If and when you want to start playing around w/Rule Machine you can come back to the example if you want. Enjoy.

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that the beauty of this app, set it and forget it.. I sometimes even get on the dashboard in the hub in my empty house and am like.. "what the fff are those lights on for", before i even remember about this app.

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