What’s the best way to randomize lights to appear home?

Lutron caseta and hue lights, thank you

Don't do it completely random. I have some neighbors whose auto-lighting makes it completely obvious when they are away as you get the most improbable rooms lighting up at improbable times. Try to base it on your normal movements, but with up to half an hour's random variation each way


There is at least one "at home simulator" app on here. I would start there.

Otherwise, just turn your normal lights on and off at fixed times and don't worry too much about it. Mine already go on and off at set times, and in the old days we just had simple on and off lamp timers so it is somewhat normal to have a light on and off at similar times daily.

Like Inge_Jones said it would maybe be a bit more realistic if you could turn a few things on and off a bit different daily. There is a "random" function for time or delays in Rule Machine, perhaps you could choose a time to trigger, then set a random delay to turn on or off?

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Easy, get a cat. :smiley:


My solution as well. Not quite random so it isn't obvious, but very unpredictable. Requires very little power.

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Yea, but you have to clean up the barf and empty the litter box, and it stops working if you don't feed it.


Been using the Vacation Lighting Director app for a while, and very happy with it.

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+1 on Random not being the best option. I actually use Alex guard right now for this, as it's slightly less random and in theory is based on your behaviors.

I have a goal to move over to either the Vacation Lighting app or at home simulator, as I'd rather it looks much more normal.