Simple lights on/off for new user

I am new to Hubitat, transferring from a Wink hub. I setup two Simple Automation apps for my front lights. The first app turns them on at sunset and works perfectly. The second app is supposed to turn them off at 11pm. For whatever reason the 11pm app, does not trigger. I'm sure this is easy, do i need to do something to tie the two apps together?

Any help is appreciated.


maybe post the code in your two apps ?

I don't see any problems with that setup, so I'm not sure what the problem could be. You do have the "Enable app events" box checked, so maybe look under the "Events" button/tab at the top of the app and see if you see any entries around 11 PM? (This setting does not affect how the app works, but you've now discovered one case where it's useful in troubleshooting.) The only other thing I'd wonder is what kind of device "Front Overhead Lights" is and whether it works reliably if you control it manually from the device page via on/off commands and whatnot.

You could also verify under Settings > Location and Mode that your time and timezone are set correctly, but that sunset automation is the one that seems far more likely to fail in that case. Still can't hurt!

Please post your automation that turns on the lights as well.

Thanks for the input, i've reposted my apps below.... the "Front Overhead Lights" responds nicely if i control them manually from the dashboard. The dimmer is a Leviton Z-wave+



I think your simplest answer is to use a different app. There is an app called Event Engine that can do exactly what you want in one instance, simple to set up.

Event Engine:

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The Event Engine looks like what i want, prefer to do it all in one step. How do i access the event engine cog? Is it under "Built in Apps"? If so, i don't see it, is it called something else?


First. Welcome!!!
Second. Simple, ain't that the dream. :wink:
Third, you can "shrink" your posts using the gear icon while posting with the "Hide Details"


Fourth, if you check your "Device Page" for "Front Overhead Lights" is there anything else shown besides your two Simple Automation rules?

Again, welcome to the community.

You should have the built-in app Hubitat Package Manager installed on your hub. If you don't, tap on the built-in apps button at the very top of the apps screen and install the habitat package manager.

once it's installed then use the habitat package manager to install the Event Engine app.

After you install the Event Engine app using the hubitat package manager you'll find the Event Engine app listed in your apps page and just click on it to get started.

This is a community app you probably installed so early on you forgot it wasn't built-in. :grinning: But it's a convenient app regardless! Just have to follow the installation instructions.

(though in relation to the original problem, SAR should certainly work and I'd be curious to see why it isn't...)


Dang, thanks for that correction. It's so freaking useful and I've had it from the very start yes so I mistakenly thought it was built in!

HPM info and links for the app and install instructions are here...

I appreciate the help, i deleted and rebuilt the SAR apps. While i was doing that i double checked the system time and noticed that the time zone was incorrect. I have now fixed that and would assume that my problem will be fixed this evening. I will respond back either way.

Separtely, i would like to use the Package Manager and Event Engine. I'm not clear on how to install them based on the links above. Is there a step by step "Youtube" or something that explains how to install them?


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Go to "Apps Code":

Then click on the "Documentation" link at the bottom.

The instructions are up to date.

Most times you'll find an "Import" link in the forum post for community apps.

Hubitat Package Manager Import Link

As @Ranchitat says...

You'll install Hubitat Package Manager (HPM), and then use that to install Event Engine. Installing Event Engine using HPM will be a breeze.

If you run into troubles w/the instructions in the link, let us know.

I'm happy to report that the SAR is working well, my lights turned on and off tonight as expected. The root cause was most likely that i had the system configured to the wrong time zone.

Separately, i was able to install the Hubitat Package Manager and the Event Engine Cog.

I thank everyone for their help!


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Here's a Woot for you. Good to hear you're up and running.

Pro Tip: Bryan (Event Engine developer) has been updating the Event Engine app a LOT recently - he's working on it regularly since he released a little while ago. So check for updates for it in HPM regularly, and when you get an update for it, go into your cog (each action you create is a cog) and scroll to the bottom and hit "Done" so that the cog is updated w/the new code.

Also, you may want to turn on auto-update in HPM, to help keep all your apps up-to-date. In Package Manager Settings in the HPM menu:

Have fun.