Simple Lighting Addition

Any chance you could add this to Simple Lighting? "Set Level and Turn Off". It would be nice to be able to set a bulb to a dim level (like 10%) so late at night when you get up and turn on the light it will be at 10% instead of blinding you. thanks

Motion Lighting Apps have the ability to set mode based values. For example, my Night mode is far dimmer than my day mode for the same motion activated lighting. It's a native app, so you may want to consider migrating to it.

I use SL to set my dimmers to 15% at 12:01 and off again 1 minute later. I have another SL rule to set them back to 100% at 6:00

Im thinking of doing this too, I might try to include the area motion sensor in a RM to make sure no one sees it happen.

" If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? "

It truly is spooky when it happens and you are there to see it happen. Same in the morning.

Seems like you're square pegging it. Motion Lighting has this feature built in. No need for superfluous RM rules.

I am using SL for that feature.

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