Simple edit corrupts rule

I've got a very simple rule that uses Hubitat Ping (set for a single try in case you were asking) to check for the presence of an iPhone with a repeat/until statement and then logs the result. I decided to delete the portion of the rule that does the logging and when I did it removed the condition from the UNTIL statement. I did a soft reset and restore yesterday so I'm thinking database corruption is likely not the issue.

Original rule;

Attempted edit:

And resulting change to rule:

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Can I take it you reused the same condition in the Until and IF?
There is an issue where deleting the use of a condition deletes the condition even when it has been reused. I have raised this as an issue here.

Yup! That's exactly it. When I did a search for the issue I was not as specific as your post and didn't see it. Thanks! And now that you mention it I did notice the condition wasn't saved so I could choose it from the drop-down.