Simple css not showing up

Hi all,

An other issue with dashboard i uninstalled simple css from hubitat package monitor as a strange behavior from apps it would always link me to a philips hue not found page.
So i thought to uninstall app and reinstalled. Bu t no success it wont show up into app device. Even if hubitat package monitor tells me it is installed, it wont show up in the apps page and can not add as device on dashboard

Thanks a gain ai am lost with this one

Are you trying to re-install my Simple CSS Editor driver? Which I am coincidentally working on tonight... :slight_smile:

lol funny exact same thing.
in hubtitat package manager it tells me it is installed correctly. In reality i could only see it into drivers code nowehere else

Ok, cool. There is only a driver at this stage for the CSS Editor. I intend to finish developing an App that can manage this and other dashboard enhancements, but I haven't touched it for some time...

So once you have installed the driver via HPM, you need to open the Devices page on your HE hub and choose to Add Device, selecting Virtual, then select the Simple CSS Editor driver.

You will then need to add this device to your Dashboard, both via the specific dashboard app settings page to add it as a device available to the dashboard, then also as a tile using the attribute tile.

If you have any issues after attempting this, happy to help :slight_smile:

Ok thanks so nice of you I forgot about this manipulation for the device. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I was so disappointed i could not make it work anymore.
Thanks to your development; dahsboards look so much nicer and no need to play around into CSS

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Glad you get so much out of it, that was my main aim in developing the tool, making all the great stuff people had come up with in CSS tweaks available in a more easily accessible format.

Hopefully I can expand it even more sometime soon...