Simple automation rule not Recurring?

I made a simple rule to turn on lights a sunset.
but its not Recurring everyday .. I have to reset rule everyday.
Not sure what I am doing wrong. I see no "button" for Recurring this.
How do I make this run everyday ?

Very new at this .. but the only one I found ..
[Simple Automation Rules] seems to allow for time off set?

^^^^^^^^ Shows Only Once ?

It seems you already have a few responses to your question in this thread:

You’re most likely to get help by keeping the same topic limited to one thread.


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Ok ... Sorry Was not sure what / where to post that question in ..
Also .. I was not getting an answer I could understand or help.

Where should I have posted a question like that ?

No worries. I know you're just getting started. Generally "Get Started" or "Get Help" sections are the best place to start. If one of the moderators think that a thread belongs in a different category, they can move the topic in more appropriate section, so it can get the best visibility. If you start a thread, just keep that thread active. If you feel like you are not getting the assistance you need, you can always tag @support_team, which will get the attention of our support staff.

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