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My questions are the following:
I have already created a Simple Automation to turn my house lights on at a certain time Monday thru Thursday, then another one to turn them off. However, I want the same automation to happen at different times on the weekends. My questions are below with regard to this topic and similarly related topics.

  • Can I duplicate the scenes I have created in Simple Automation to be able to set new times for the weekend keeping my dimmer settings, etc when duplicated.
  • There doesn’t appear to be a way to shut the Simple Automation scene off manually. Is it possible to do so?
  • Is it possible to change the dimmer level with a new Simple Automation. i.e. Once a device is on at 75%, can it be changed to 40% at a later time by creating a new Simple Automation selecting a device and setting the level.
  • Also, some of the devices in a Simple Automation scene I have created don’t come on or go off even though they are included in the scene. What is the solution to get them working?
    Thanks in advance!

Hi Scott. First here are some answers:

  • Simple Automation Rules can not be duplicated. You will need to re-create them for your weekend using the same settings.
  • Simple Automation Rules have a “Pause” button on top. This will stop them from running until they are resumed.
  • You can setup another simple automation rule that will change the dimmer level. Can you tell me more about what you want to do?
  • Can you post a screenshot of the Simple Automation rule that isn’t working as expected? In Hubitat, there is a log that provides more information on what is happening. You can check it out to see if you see something related.

I notice that you have a rule to turn on the lights and one to turn them all. I’m curious if there is a reason why you have two rules for this instead of doing it all via the same one?

Welcome to Hubitat!

Hello Sebastian,
Thank you for getting back to me. I have addressed your responses and would like some additional clarifications if you don't mind.

  • Am I using the wrong automation App? It's a lot to go through and re-create an Simple Automation Rule. I have approximately 25 Dimmer switches I am controlling and all of them have different dimmer levels.
  • With regard to shutting a Simple Automation Rule on or off manually this is what I meant. Example: I have a Simple Automation Rule to turn off all of the lights at 11:15pm, but if I want to turn them off at 10:45pm on any given night, can I activate the Rule to turn off the lights within that Rule. Now if I want to turn things off before the Simple Automation Rule, I have to use my computer and go to each device manually and turn them off that way.
  • You asked me why I created an additional Simple Automation Rule to turn the lights off. The reason was they weren't going off when I put an off time in the same rule.
  • With regard to another Simple Automation to change the dimmer level. What I am trying to do is say the lights in the hallway come on at 65%, yet when my lights go off at 11:15pm, I want a couple of lights to stay on but dim down to say 30%. Is this possible?
  • I also can not get my any of my Z-Waves Dimmers and switches to populate in Dashboard.
  • I am also unclear how the App on my phone helps me. If I can't activate devices manually then what is the point of having the App.

Thanks again Sebastian for your responses and help. I am definitely a novice.

It is not exactly clear what setup you are working with or contemplating, but if you are wanting a set of Simple Automation rules to set a list of devices to different levels (or colors), you might find it easier to create a scene with the Groups and Scenes app and then have the Simple Automation rule just activate the scene.


Hi Tony,
Thank you for your input. I am using the Simple Automation App so I have created Simple Automation Rules to turn on lights at a certain level in the evening, then turn off at night. Can you elaborate a little more on your thoughts.

I agree with Tony - A scene or a group would be useful in this instance.

Here is a link to the documentation on Groups and Scenes. This should help you get started:

This is another instance where a group would be useful. If all your lights are in a group, they can be turned off together with a single toggle within the app. More about that later...

Got it. I suspect there may have been a problem with the rule as it is supposed to be able to both turn them on and off. Try recreating it to see if it works. If it doesn’t, you can take a screenshot and post it here where I or someone else in the community can help you find the problem.

Here are two of the many ways you can do this:

  1. Create 2 groups, one for the lights you want to turn off and another for those you want to remain open. Create a rule that turns off the lights from the first group at a specific time. Create another rule that sets the lights from the second group to 30%.
  2. Create 2 scenes that include all the lights you want to control. The first scene would have all the lights on at 65%. The second scene would have some lights turned off and others at 30%.

I suspect that you may not have added the devices to the dashboard. Here is documentation on how to do this. If this doesn’t work, please share some screenshots showing what you have done so that we can help:®_Dashboard

Note that you will be able to add the groups and scenes as switches on the dashboard.

Once you have added devices in your dashboard and then setup those devices to be displayed, you will find that the App can have its uses.

In my home, I have multiple sensors and a lot of automation, so I rarely need to use the app. I do still use it however.

Let me know if this helps!

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Hey Sebastian,
It looks like I have my work cut out for me. Just as an aside, before I started working with the Simple Automation App I did create some scenes but they were inconsistent in carrying out the automations in the scene. I tried to upload a screen grab but it's saying I can't imbed media in a post.
Best Regards,

Hi Sebastian,
I also created a Dashboard and can't delete it. Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 5.28.24 PM|690x240

Hi Sebastian,
My last screen grab went through so tried to send you a couple of others but getting this message: Sorry, you can't embed media items in a post.

[quote="scott17, post:9, topic:69689, full:true"]
Hi Sebastian,
My last screen grab went through so tried to send you a couple of others but getting this message: Sorry, you can't embed media items in a post.

Have you gone through the “training” bot? That will unlock that functionality for you.

Looks like you have the first step done for the dashboard. Next, you need to add devices to it. You can do this from the App screen under Hubitat Dashboard. Once you have added the devices you need, you will need to add them to the dashboard screen.

It’s a 2 step process. In the 2nd step, you will need to first select the device and then the type of device before it gets added to the actual dashboard screen. It might be a bit tricky as you figure it out, but it will get easier as you learn how it works.

OK. Will give it a shot. Thanks so much!

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Hi Sebastien,
I have made progress adding to my Dashboard. However I added 6 new dimmer devices on Saturday but can't add them because they aren't showing up in the Dashboard list of devices. However, they are in the main devices list. Any ideas on how to get them in the Dashboard list.
Thank You,

I suspect you have gone through the following steps, but in case you didn’t...

To ensure your devices are available:

  1. Go to the dashboard app and make sure they are selected

  2. Go to the Dashboard itself and you should be able to see those same devices and add them to your dashboard

Once you confirmed step 1 is done, can you confirm that you are able to see them in step 2?

Hi Sebastien,
This is what I am seeing but they aren't in my Devices List. The 6 new dimmer devices start with the word Kithen and they aren't in my list.

Hi Sebastien, I Just realized the attachment was in my post. Where do I find the Training Bot so I can start posting images?

Hi Sebastien,
Here is some additional information. After looking at your images you posted I see that I do not have a Choose Devices Button. All of my previous devices I added prior to yesterday are listed but there is no box next to them to check or uncheck them, and the new devices I added aren't listed at all.
Just some additional insights since I can't send screen grabs.

Hi Sebastien,
I just went to "Create New Dashboard" and I can see the Choose Devices Button, however, in my existing Dashboard I am trying to add devices to, it doesn't appear.
OK. Hopefully this helps.

Hi Sebastien,
OK. I figured it out. When you go to an existing Dashboard you have already created and want to add or remove devices, there is no button to click on. The user has to figure out on their own by clicking on the existing list of devices, this then creates a duplicate list with boxes to check and uncheck below the existing list. There needs to be a button that says (Choose or Delete Devices) in an existing User Created Dashboard, otherwise there is no way to know how to add or delete devices unless the user randomly clicks on the list like I did.
Thank you Sebastien!

So if I understand properly, you are all sorted out?

It use to be that all devices were added automatically to all dashboards. When people started to have a lot of devices, this would slow down loading of dashboard so they updated the functionality so that they would have to be manually selected.

As for the forum training robot, I can’t recall how to access it. Try selecting your avatar (S) on the top right to see the drop down below. There should be an option in there...