Silly device ideas for home automation

Feel free to steal my stupid ideas and make a fortune on them, or go broke whichever... But my rusty brain has been rattling some ideas that I could use for home automation... Most are silly, some are serious.

They make robo-mowers. Why not robo fertilizer spreaders? Or a spreader attachment to said Robo mower? Just fill the hopper and tell it to do its thing...

On the same lawn care issue. Possibly and enhancement of a robomower. Robo edger. Mowing IMHO is never complete without proper edging, especially if you have St. Augustine lawns...

A means to automate loading / unloading the washer and dryer. Prior to the front loaders, my short wife had a heck of a time with a top loader, and I have a heck of a time due to back issues. Pour your laundry from the laundry table onto the loader, it loads and runs the machines, unloads onto the table, you fold and put away easy as pie.

Robo fan duster. This would likely require drone technology, but some way to dust off ceiling fans automatically. I've got 7 ceiling fans in the house, so yeah, thats ends up being a chore...

Robo bathroom cleaner. For you gents that have poor aim, or have boys in the house. This would help a LOT of people out!

Automatic door unlock and opener. Think, "Alexa let the dog out" when you don't want to have a doggie door and the finals are on...

SO what's your automated doo hickey you'd like to see on the market to help out around the house? What have you asked your smart speaker to do that you know it's not capable of?

An automated poo flinger, yup nothing could ever go wrong there :thinking: :wink:.

I'd buy a poo-flinger. Possibilities are endless.


Perfect for monkeying around!

I was thinking granular fertilizer like Scotts Bonus S

I lived in a house with 4 women before (WILL NEVER DO AGAIN) When they say that more than one woman living in the same house there periods will synchronize it was true.
Every month at that time i had to bring home FROZEN Reese's Cups, twizzlers, vanilla bean ice cream and popcorn from the movie theater because no other popcorn would do because it didnt taste the same LOL
Well they also gang up on the only male in the house MEEEE because ...well just because i was a man. So if i took a shower that week with the wrong soap i had one blaming me about her headache because of the smell another would blame me because it was raining you get the idea my mayor problem was peeing at night if there was anything wrong in the bathroom i was in trouble that's when i learned to pee sitting down no need to aim it and changing the toilet paper even if the roll was almost new , one less thing to fight about LMAO

Why will i endured this for 4 years? well it was only once a month, most times i was lucky and out of the house for the week and i actually loved these girls not in THAT way . They were just so useless and very loving except when they were MONSTERS....

Pluss my ex HATED IT that was just an extra. And i couldn't move. It was MY house except when it wasn't lol

The more you know :wink:
[and a special chemical -well-known- effect for @aaiyar]


Just wondering if when you knew things had gone totally wrong, did you start leaving the toilet seat up at night?

I did that when it became obvious there was no reconciling with my ex. I was hoping ot hear a splash and a scream, followed by her yelling at me about leaving the seat up, and me yelling back "you are just as capable of putting the seat down as I am putting it up prior to using the toilet!"

They are exes for a reason.

Those that have gone through the change of life don't have to deal with that anymore, but I am sure ill behavior will persist with some just because, well they are nasty people...

I replaced marriage with a home automation hobby and life is so much better this way...

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Everyone must go their own way in life.

Although I guess if you count exes, there have been automatic poo flingers before...

You want a robot tractor that can haul different attachments like a mower or spreader and some sort of edger-weed-whacker.

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Yes, but it would have to be small enough for a suburban postage stamp lot...

Smaller than a riding lawn mower for sure, but functionally it would be a tractor. Design it right it could operate like one of those little Bobcat diggers too, with front attachments.

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Like hedge trimmer, pruning saw, blower, etc. And it automatically loads them from a magazine of options. The Inspector Gadget of landscaping.

You don't have a Yard-A-Pult? While they are not automated, they are incredibly convenient.

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This is the way.

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I suspect you folks would be fun to have a beer with... Oh the stories I bet are there. I have a particularly Sh*tty ex but I haven't written marriage off... Just my ex...

Potential Wife Interview Questions #1-#3:

  • How do you feel about living in a smart house?
  • Do you have an issue with a house that can think for itself?
  • Smart House budgeting takes priority over this an issue?

How about an "animal puke detector"?

Listen for "the sound" of an animal that is about to puke, with programmable options:

  • Turn off alarm (always happens at night) and open exterior doors
  • Automatically engage mopping robot with approximate coordinates to minimize hunting time
  • Set indicator LED if the "event" happened inside
  • Shine a light on said "event" so that you don't step in it early in the morning

You have no idea how much I would pay for that, especially if it can differentiate from the disconcerting sounds that my fridge makes from time to time.

Cat owners?

Hopefully the mopping robot wouldn't have the problem like the various Roombas on youtube that are shown smearing the mess all over the room.

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