Shower motion sensor suggestion?


I have a motion sensor in my bathroom (aeotec recessed multisensor) used for motion lighting but it doesn't see me in the shower. Anyone have a recommendation of a motion sensor I can put in my shower? Ideally zwave and something that looks nice (that's why I got the recessed aeotec). Thanks


The Aeon Multi 6 you have is actually spec'd for outside use if you keep it free of water, so it would probably still be usable near a shower, as long as you don't actually get it wet--a problem you'll have to consider with most sensors, since you can't totally enclose them with anything or the PIR sensor that detects motion will stop working. The similar (and slightly cheaper) Aeon TriSensor can be recessed and also does motion, though they don't mention outdoor use for that model. Honestly, I think most sensors would be OK if you don't get them wet--and even then, I know some people have used "indoor" sensors outdoors with minimal protection and few problems (aside from a possible biohazard inside where moisture condenses).

I suspect that if you recess the sensor, it would need to be pretty close, possibly in the shower, to "see" you. If you have space above the curtain or door where a shower occupant would still be visible, a small wall-mounted sensor might be effective if mounted high enough and if that's something you'd consider (like the Iris v2 or v3 that are no longer available, the slightly larger SmartThings 2018 motion sensor with an adjustable mount--all Zigbee--or the Dome, HomeSeer HS-MS100+, or Zooz ZSE18 motion sensors--both Z-Wave--that also have adjustable mounts, or pretty much anything you'd be able to mount where you want).

As an alternative, if you want something waterproof and certain to work as-is even in the shower and are willing to compromise looks, the Hue outdoor motion sensor (Zigbee) and Zooz ZSE29 outdoor sensor (Z-Wave and also gigantic compared to what you'd think from some marketing photos) should definitely fit the bill. The Hue one might not look half bad, but either is probably a bit more than you were looking for if you wanted "subtle" or "recessed." :slight_smile:


I have an aeon multisensor 6 in a shower and my kid gets it so humid I swear he thinks the place is his person sauna. Water is literally dripping down the walls. In any event it’s recessed in the ceiling and I don’t have any issues with it. It’s powered through POE and USB in the attic.


Nyce ceiling mount motion sensor. Wide angle of view, and 5 year battery. Zigbee though.

Also reads humidity if you want to automate your vent fan.


I use the same Aeon in my bathroom but when I got a 2nd hub, for development, I decided to give Zigbee a try and put an Iris v2 Motion up over the shower using a 3M Command strip. Worked well so I got some ball-and-sockets 3D printed and it's been up there ever since. I put a tube around the sensor to narrow it's field of view and it is used to keep the light on longer than just the Aeon does. Now I have 4 hubs and my Zigbee use is massive now.. I think I have 9 devices. :smiley:


Is this to keep the light on while your in the shower? If so you could setup a rule to keep the light on when it reaches a certain humidity level.


In my case, the existing Aeon Multisensor is too far away for reasonable response to humidity. AND I'm not going to carve another 3" hole.. or better said, I don't want to patch the old hole. :smiley:


Just setup a rule to not turn that bathroom light off in the morning when most people shower for an hour or 30 minutes?

I guess that wouldn't help outside those hours though.....


The original Aeon was to catch people as they came in the door. The shower is 'way over there' and I literally went LOOKING for a reason to put that Zigbee motion sensor to use. Small, long battery life, something to experiment with, such as the tube to reduce the field of view. At first, I was just happy to see it on a dashboard.. not even doing anything. :slight_smile:

Incidentally, as my first Zigbee device AND placed as far away from the Hub as possible, I had drop off issues. I bought a peanut plug for that and indeed, it fixed the problem. No Surprise in that :slight_smile:

Suddenly I had TWO Zigbee devices and I didn't know if I could get my clicky finger to stop. :frowning: (buying)

Now I'm up to 9 Zigbee devices but 5 Hampton Bay Fan Controllers was the big jump. :smiley:

To get back to the topic... yes, starting all over, I could probably do something different in that bathroom.. but I'm really not motion-sensor-poor. I still have 3 sitting on the shelf. (Iris v2 and v3) I like the challenge of RM and multiple sensors, time of day, etc.


Take a different thought approach to this. Here's my setup for the bathroom and it works well. The motion sensor is NOT the deciding factor for turning the lights Off...

1 x Motion sensor
1 x Contact Sensor (Door sensor)

The motion sensor is used to turn on the lights when you enter the bathroom. Under most general use cases the bathroom door is then closed. People can go about doing whatever, long showers etc and the lights will stay on even without motion.

The trigger to turn Off the light is the door state changing from closed to open AND not motion for at least 1 minute. With this people can get out of the shower, do whatever and then leave the bathroom. During this time of movement the motion sensor is active. When they leave the bathroom the door is opened and only then when the door is open and there's no motion for 1 minute do the lights turn on.

If the door is then closed again then the lights stay on until the door is opened again and the cycle continues.

Now in my household the bathroom door is generally left open so this works. In other households where the door is normally closed this won't work as well. My family don't turn off lights or close doors so I'm good.


Good.. I also have two extra "Recessed Door Sensors" on my shelf to deploy. Placement will be critical though because sometimes the door is 'mostly' closed.


Nyce ceiling mount motion sensor. Done. :wink:


My Aeon is ceiling mounted in an Aeon Recessor.



Yes, but it has a narrower field of view, requires drywall/permanent modifications to recess, and doesn't have a 5 year battery life.

Yes, you can hard wire something to power the recessed Aeotec - but you really don't need to with the Nyce since it has a 5 year battery... Winner winner.

I have a number of aeon gen5 multi sensors - and like them. But Nyce has them beat to hell for small space/bathroom use. It is really easy to place a single Nyce on the ceiling in a place it will see both shower and not shower use (typically).


I replaced my Zooz 4in 1 as I wanted something to see motion in the shower and not have to recess and hardwire the Aeon (for more money as well). The zigbee motion is way faster, but not sure about the humidity reporting. I would really like it to report at each percentage change, but i don't see any settings for this on the built in driver. Any ideas how to make it report faster? My fan is staying on forever after a shower. I am using the Nyce Motion Sensor Series Driver.


:+1: on the Nyce ceiling mount. I have a frameless shower and stuck this bad bit on the ceiling near the shower door. It covers my entire bathroom, including when I am in the shower. The humidity sensor is an added bonus.


Do you have an exhaust fan in your bathroom that is smart?
I have set my bathroom rules so that if the exhaust fan is on the lights will stay on.



Did you use RM to create a rule to do this or use the built in app? I am wanting to do something almost exactly like this but can't wrap my head around all of the logic to do so.


@spalexander68, Try this, i posted on another thread :
" @nkyspike, these simple rules work well with me :slight_smile: :
This rule don't need the motion sensors to " see you " all the times !

  1. Trigger Lights On ( Motion ) :

  2. Rule Lights Off - Door Open ( wait 1 minutes ) :


Sorry I don't use RM.