Show Off Your Dashboards!

Got it... and working! also need to set "allow_embedding=true" grafana.ini to allow iframe calls (per your earlier tip).

Emproia Vue Power Meter is now rocking my Dashboard.

Thank you

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Seems that nobody cares except you. :slight_smile: That is not good enough motivation to invest the time into steering the project into open-source. Plus it is not ready atm. If there would be at least ten people wanting this - I would consider making changes to make the code available and writing a proper manual for it.

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You can add me to this, if you will :slight_smile:
Always on the lookout for a better dash. I'm currently integrating HA into my setup just for this :expressionless:

It looks great!! Nice work :+1:

BTW, I think you would also get more requests, if this was in a post of its own. Its kind of buried in here. Just my 2p's worth :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile: Custom Dashboard [Hubidash]

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I just finished a prototype for my Mom's new dashboard. The button on the lower left will be for the interface to Alexa and use Echo speaks to play her music:

Here is the prototype dashboard for stations and transports for music:

I was working on it... Here you go --> Tips on setting up Emporia Vue and how to use iFrame Tiles to show Grafana Panels in your Hubitat Dashboard

Thanks for the nudge.

Hi, I'm a new user in hubitat, what cameras do you use for the exterior? i'm looking and i'm lost

Pity much any html :camera: will work. Working out the url is the difficult bit. I run all mine through tiny cam on a old android phone. Then use its urls to keep it simple

I've moved to Hubitat from Smart things over the past two weeks. Here's my initial stab at a Dashboard using Hubitat Dashboard Android app by jpage4500.

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How did you integrate the cameras in hubitat? i'm looking like crazy

I don't have them directly integrated into Hubitat. The Android app I mentioned above allows you to add tiles that point to image URLs or video streams. I own an old Hikvision security camera system which I'm pointing to via Netcam Studio software.

You can use an image tile with a 1 second refresh rate.

And the correct link to the image for your camera. Example is Reolink. Different brands=different URL.


Thanks my friend

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Can I pick your brian?

How did you get the dashboard icons to be clear or gone?

Also did you crop the pic or did you get ride of the menu options.

I can answer the icon question for you, on the CSS tab enter:

#tile-tileID .material-icons{display:none}

for any tile that you don't want an icon on.


How did you get rid of the words under the icon?

#tile-tileID .tile-primary{display:none}

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I know it's cheating, but I created all my dashboards in Home Assistant. These are running all over the house with fully kiosk on fire tablets. Wife really likes them.

I like that. Thanks for sharing. I have thought about going that route. Just not sure if I can get it running in my Synology.

I will give it a try.

Could you tell me where it is? It's an option, I don't see it

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