Shop list for EU Hubitat owners!


Where can EU users shop stuff that works with Hubitat HE?
@Jighen suggested a topic for this in the Europe Lounge, but I guess this is the spot to create it?

The idea is that we can list where to order based on country in the Nordic and EU(Not so streamlined for us to buy from Amazon or eBay(taxes and crap comes on top, and shipping is a rip off)...

So I start with making a country list(Will sort alphatetical when it gets too messy), and add what I find/learn/tried. Please feel free to join the party and help out. Hope you see the value for the Hubitat community?

Add to the list by pressing edit on this top post. Everyone can edit a wiki post.
Also feel free to post comments what you order and how it works with HE. Any contribution will just help the community vastly and simply broaden our minds and options! :slight_smile:

ElkjĂžp(Smart home products)
INTIN(Vendor of products that is sold by many in Norway)
Komplett(Smart home category)
Kjell & Company(Smart home line)
Power(Smart Outlets, search for more, crappy shop categories)
Eldirekte(Smart products)
ElektroimportĂžren(Smarthouse stuff)
CDON(House and Garden)
Coolshop(Smart Home stuff)
Sikkerheten selv(Sikkerheten-selv)
Teknikmagasinet(Smart home and security)

Kjell & Company (Smart home line)
Webhallen (smart home stuff)





zwave products
Smart stuffs

Shelly(Shelly shop)

UK(Still with us😜)
Amazon Smart devices
Vesternet zigbee and z-wave


The Netherlands

Poland - first reseller in the EU.

New EU store for Hubitat hub and integrated devices

Hubitat Elevation Ships to all Europe (Infemto)

Please add countries as needed!


Hi Roger, good idea, i don’t mind which thread we use, important is to gather all European users :slight_smile:


It was You’r Good idea, but I posted it here, in the Wiki category, so that everyone else can edit the post and contribute to the list. Since it is a Wiki, it can be edited by all users. :slight_smile:

Looks like the UK is out if the EU already. :smile: :wink:


Sweden: Webhallen

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For a few more days... Hehe.
Added! :+1:

And everyone, feel free to add to the list above, easier than adding in seperate posts.


Hi everyone!

I currently live in Brazil, but soon I'll move to Portugal - can't wait ...

I'm developing a HE app/driver for the Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, since it has no native support from Hubitat. And probably there will never have, since it's a predominately European product. So far I'm in still in the early stages of the development, since it's my first contact with HE development environment and it has been a really painful start. But perseverance will prevail !

Probably there's a lot of devices that doesn't have native support in HE that are relatively widely used in Europe. I'd like to hear from you guys is what devices do you think should have support, so I could prepare a "TODO list" for guiding my future developments.

Thanks in advance.

@mo.hesham Any reason you edited a link for so it pointed to nowhere? Such a way of promoting your Infemto shop?

I would never do that, maybe it was an honest mistake while copying and pasting. Apologies of that’s the case

What about US

Yeah, sure. From PL, to Pi, copy and paste.

Don't you guys in US have it all?

I'm to lazy to retype it all... Verry intresting for Belgium/Netherlands...
I'm dutch and still find it wierd not to type België/Nederland... :stuck_out_tongue:

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