Shelly Smart bulbs integration

I ordered a bunch of Shelly light bulbs such as the Duo for my nxt project

Are these bulbs natively supported or do we have to do some black magic to get it to work w/ hubitat?

I had to go w/ shelly because of the http API support which I needed for some direct integration w/ our web applications... but i would also need Hubitat to be able to handle them as well. IT WOULD SUCK HARD if these bulbs dont work w/ hubitat :frowning:

Looks like there is built-in support for those since 2.2.4:

Thank you

I saw:

Shelly DUO using Shelly WiFi CT Bulb

What's "Shelly WiFi CT Bulb" ?

I tried to google it and search on the shelly site, i can't figure it out.

I think CT a stands for Color Temperature. It would work with the Shelly bulbs that allow color temperature changes.