Shelly RGBW2 doesn't respond to Hue commands

I have recently added an RGBGenie ZB-5028 RGB remote to my HE & Shelly RGBW2's setup.
While the ZB-5028 is fully supported & integrated into HE, the RGBW2 isn't, so I am using ScottGrayban's drivers (who is no longer a community member and doesn't offer support).
I am also using MirrorMe app to pair the 4 program buttons to 3 RGBW's and 1 Yeelight CT Bulb.

What works: switching & dimming on RGBW2 & Yeelight, color temp presets on Yeelight.

Problems are:

  1. I have to use Groups to find RGBW2's in MirrorMe
    MirrorMe doesn't show any RGBW2 in the slave device select list (which could be a problem, according to the developers at RGBGenie), so I found here this workaround of adding each RGBW to a Group as Bulb and then binding the respective Group as slave in MirrorMe
  2. color changing on RGBW2 doesn't work!
    This might be due to the fact that ZB-5028 sends the color as Hue value (%) and the Shelly driver only responds to RGB or HSL - later translated to RGB - values

    Though implemented in the driver, the Hue only button doesn't produce any changes in color. Nothing is logged either.

This incompability has nothing to do with the RGBgenie products.

The lack of hue command support in the shelly rgb driver is the main issue, secondarily there appears to be a standard capability missing from this device driver causing the lack of discovery issue in mirror me.

So glad we've got that out of the way! Now it looks more like game over for me...

I won't speak for Mike, or any of the other Hubitat team, but he talks about trying to get these added in a recent chat. (See below)

They may not work with the current Hubitat firmware, or community driver, but I bet it will soon.

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I don't know about that..I think he was refferring to the Shelly switches and dimmer that were integrated in the latest HE firmware. I didn't catch anything about willing to integrate the RGBW2