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You do realize that CoAP is very similar to MQTT? I could never code what I currently have in my drivers settings to work in a MQTT environment.

No, I don't, that's reason of my question😉.

Yup it's a fancy MQTT protocol.

Shelly RGBW White drive has been updated to version 1.0.1 -- see setLevel upgrade and allow channels to be disabled - updated by exhumare · Pull Request #3 · ShellyUSA/Hubitat-Drivers · GitHub for the changes submitted and merged into the master branch.


Hi Do you have a driver for Shelly UNI in the pipeline? Would be real great.../Mattias

Shelly Uni isn't in the US yet so until that happens I wont have a driver for it unless someone here wants to send me one from the EU.

Noob here.
I have a C-7 at and connected a Shelly 1 using the native drivers. Everything is functioning properly except the state of the switch (parent device). I have it set to detached. When I close the switch, held = 1 but release stays at 1. When the switch is opened, release = 1 but held remains at 1. The held and release events are recorded in the log.

  1. Shouldn't these opposite states be reset?
  2. If not, do I need to create a virtual switch, or an app, device driver or something else to mimic a true switch?

The state of the switch is on the child device not on the parent device. Do you mean when you switch the relay there is no update in Hubitat of the state of the device?

The terms are confusing. The Shelly 1 has a switch terminal and a relay terminal. Normally closing the switch terminal will close the relay. However I have the switch disconnected from the relay. I can control the relay using the child device ... no problem. The state of the switch terminal is on the parent device. It has states of held, pushed and release.

Closing the switch (terminal) creates an event for button 1 held, however the release state stays active (1). Opening the switch (terminal) creates an event for button 1 released, but the held state is still active (1).

My question is shouldn't these opposite states reset each other? Is this a bug or by design so that I have to create a virtual switch and rules?

Ok, I think you have to interpretant it as the last received event, When I check an other button device, it is the same. It is not the actual state but the last received event
You want the know the state of the button in Hubitat

I don't think it is possible what you want, when you check the log's there are only 3 commands

  1. Short push
  2. held (long push)
  3. release (after long push)

there is no such thing as release after short push
In what scenario you want to know the state of the button?

OK, thanks. The driver considers the switch (terminal) as a button and I was thinking switch. I will use it as a contact sensor for a garage door opener.

Thanks for your help.

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As was guessed above, this isn't how buttons work in Hubitat. The values for the "pushed," "held," and "released" attributes in Hubitat (under "Current States" on the device page, for example) will always show the last button number that generated those events. They do not get "reset" at any point after the event (the real-world event or the Hubitat event). But an event on Hubitat does get generated any time any of those real-world actions happen (regardless of whether or not the value for this attribute changes, which with only one button number it never will). It is rare that you would actually need to check the value of these attributes; what you really want is to subscribe to the event. You shouldn't need a virtual switch, though it depends on what app you're using to actually perform your automation (and if it supports buttons). If you're writing a rule or using an app like Button Controller that can handle button events, then you're good.

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I cannot acess the code shared some time ago.

its possible to integrate the Shelly EM with the Hubitat Hub?


The official Shelly USA Hubitat drivers can now be found at

Note: These are different from the Hubitat built-in drivers. Hubitat developed their own Shelly drivers, while Shelly USA's were developed by @Evilborg.


Thanks, but the EM is not supported. Right?

Yes it is. Use the shelly Switch driver.

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I don't have time these days to watch this thread as I work at Amazon now. When I happen to find a spare minute I'll have a lookie but don't expect a reply. All info anyone needs is in the source code if you only look at it before commenting here.


Firts of all hi to the community, my first post here. Im connecting devices to my new HE and Im stucked woth Shelly EM3. I used Shelly Switch driver from github, but Im not able to get power reading from device. All other parameters obtained from device. Any hint how to solve this?

Show me a screenshot of your preferences please.

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You mean this one?