Shelly products


Been looking at them (their WiFi products in particular) and the bulbs are nice in having a web server for setup as well as API and mDNS support. Has anyone been experimenting with them and considering support?


I have four brand new shelly1 switches I bought for ST but didnt have a chance to do anything with them.


There is a thread over at ST with a couple of solutions maybe they could be ported?


Thanks. I did a little experimenting and it's very easy to use a local http request from my app so it's not a priority for me. But it would be nice to be able to get support for the MQTT interface for notifications of changes.


HI. Someone got a Shelly working with Hubitat? In case can you share a how-to brief?
I'm definitely a HE newbie.


Just ported over the Shelly DH from SmartThings

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