Shelly GU10 Bulb - RGBW Driver Issues

I recently ordered some of the GU10 Shelly Wifi RGBW Bulbs to try. I was intrigued by the local (cloud-free) operation over wifi. On their own, with the app, everything is meeting expectations and I am thrilled with the performance, especially given the low price.

On the driver side, the Shelly Wifi RGBW Bulb Native Driver has some oddities.

  1. The spec for the Bulb lists a CT range of 2700-6500, but the driver won't accept anything less than 3000
  2. I cannot see a way to switch back from RGB ColorMode to CT after going into a color. I can get back to CT only by using the shelly app/device web interface. If I try set color/level/transition time it doesn't change anything.

Other than these, I am not noticing issues at the moment.

Is this on the native hubitat bulb or my custom driver?

I was using the built in driver. I found your custom driver last night, based on the settings available I expect most of this to be working. I will test it today.
Thank you!

Just tested with your driver and behavior seems to be the same. Once I send an rgb color it doesn’t seem to allow me to go back to whites… colormode likewise doesn’t seem to change anything.

With your driver I am getting a bunch of additional information presented which is appreciated:
Is it possible that this is not working due to a firmware change? Is the GU10 somehow different from the E27 base bulb?

So there must be a difference between the GU10 and the old style rgbw bulb they offered when I coded this. I'll see if I can get the GU10 one and work out what is going on unless you got a VPN I can log into and work on from your side :smiley:

I live in the US and the GU10 bulbs aren't here yet.

I just ordered last week from alltertco let me see if I can find the link, I am in california.
Let me know where I can send some reimbursement money for bulb.

Also the RGBW code I have is for the DUO bulbs so this is why it doesn't work 100%

You want my address then?

Shelly Bulb - RGBW | Shelly Shop USA
OK, that makes sense about the DUO, I guess...
This is the bulb I purchased last week. If you order, let me know if you have a paypal to reimburse you,

I'm getting a couple for free when they are here.. maybe a couple weeks

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Weird they still show as in stock on Shelly Shopusa link for me. While the branding on the website doesn’t say duo, the box they arrived in clearly does.

Ya getting them shipped as we speak

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Thanks so much for looking into this!

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No worries --- I needed to do this many months ago but never got around to doing it since no one had a issue until now

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Haven't forgotten about this... I had to buy a GU24 to GU10 adaptor and that should be here tomorrow.


Hi Scott, did you already have the time to look on the issue?

@timrudd12 , I wonder, what driver did you used?
Did you try the RGWB2?

I am using the Shelly Bulb Driver

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