Share Your Data Logging and Visualization Implementations


Thanks for making this available. I installed influxdb and grafana on my Ubuntu system and had data logging and charted in less than an hour. The influxdb logging app on my HE installed without a problem.

Here's a sample set of graphs: one is to help me verify the correct functioning of some rules that control how a hot water recirculation pump is cycled; and the other shows various temperature sensors around the house.

Thanks again for a great addition to my home automation system.



Ok so I got this up and running. Quite cool btw! Anyone have directions on how to setup dashboards effectively?


Anyone have any good methods of setting up a Docker Container that runs Influx and Grafana? I followed the links through Codersaur's site which linked to a Home Assistant tutorial but the Container I pull won't start.


Use this:

Works perfect.


So I'm gathering from error research that this is an x86 installation?
I'm trying to run it on Raspberry Pi.
Maybe that's what my last error was as well. I'll try to find the ARM version.


Alright so I got it running on my Mac. We'll see how this goes...


Hey so I got it all working. Awesome stuff!
Do you get mode to report to InfluxDB?
I toggled the toggle to ON but I don't see it under _heHub or anything.



I would like to find this, too. Because:

I see the switch data makes it to Influx, but I'm not getting it to display - even in a table format, which confuses me. Continuous scalar data like temperature is fine.


Thanks for sharing this!!


For switches I can see them graphed with value binary.


As for the dashboards. I am really liking the heatmap. Nice to see the distribution of all the temp sensors in the house.


Were there any special steps to getting it going on your Mac? I downloaded Docker and added influxdb-grafana. I started docker and then went it and added the influxdb but when I try to access it (http://localhost8086), I get a page not found. In the Data Source page, I see my InfluxDB config and it tests fine. When I go to the Home Dashboard, it doesn't show any installed datasources. I'm missing something really simple here.


I'll reply, though you didn't ask me: no, it was trivial for me (High Sierra, I think? Maybe Mojave).


Got it. I didn't name enter the name telegraf in the app. Once I did that, it's working great! Now I just have to figure out how to get to the data.


Here's what I used to produce the above-left graph, which shows temperature and when the jets are on:


Okay. That works really well. This is pretty easy overall. A great find. At the moment I'm just trying to find a way to display the logs as they do in Hubitat. I'm hoping this will be a solution for long term log holding and app debugging.


I think you could just use a Table, selected to show the fields you want. @homeauto2112


Yeah...That's what I was thinking, but I have to get the hang of labeling and defining the time small enough. It's also choosing what I want to send from HE. I don't want to burry the device with everyone (although that would be pretty cool).


FWIW, you can filter within the query for the table. It's not going to hurt the database any, even if you were logging all statuses every second. Not unless your 'house' is the mall of America or something...


LMAO!!! Now that is funny. This is amazing stuff! Two more questions:

What do you keep your logging level at?
Can you parse the data in increments small than one second?