I would like to replace my existing shades with motorized shades. What is a good reliable shade that works with Hubitat.

Others are likely to be more versed on this than me, but I expect some determining factors are likely:

  • Price
  • Location of the Shades relative to the HE hub (some protocols are better than others)
  • Options for power supply to the Shades vs Battery options
  • Types of Shades Involved
  • Other options you may want including alternatives like remotes, additional apps, etc

Personally, I have ~10 internal roller blinds and 1 external blind with Somfy motors, all linked to a Bond bridge which has recently been integrated into the HE platform. Somfy is not for everyone, it's not cheap, but my setup has been rock-solid from day one, providing me with options for control, from the original remotes that came with the motors, plus the Bond app, plus the integrations in HE.

I use Leviosa shades and have been pretty happy with them. They are RF controlled but with the bond integration everything works locally.

These shades are battery powered using 6 D batteries. For us the batteries have lasted at least a year, longer on some of the shades that don’t get opened and closed as often.

We have something from Maxxmar. We have been happy with them. Their is an app to integrate with Hubitat. The version we have has commands for open, closed, favorite 1 and favorite 2, which is sufficient for our purposes. They were quite affordable.

I have the Ikea shade, switchbot 2 motor curtains, and Third Reality shade. The Third Reality is my favorite by far.

I’ve been very happy with my Zemismart roller shade motor. I think this is the latest update to the driver, though I have not switched to it myself.

Quite the mix.
I have IBlinds on the 2" slat blinds in my rec room. They are Z-wave so pretty straight forward.
I have old v2 ones but v3.1 is much smarter. I'll get those next and the solar panels so no more charging the internal batteries.

We bought a roman shade for our kitchen for and use an AM43 motor with it. That way I wasn't limited to anything specific and we got exactly what we wanted for less than half the price.


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