Setup problems

Do you have any vlan's? Is 192.1.1.x/24 your actual network? Try pressing the reset button on the bottom of the hub for about 7 seconds (the only round hole in all the square holes) with a toothpick or paper clip.

Welcome aboard! Do you mind providing a little more details of the issue you are experiencing? What do you mean by "non-availability of the next step"?

Please see the image above. I am unable to proceed further irrespective of the details filled in. I've no HUB with

I have no hub with

If you download and run advanced port scanner (it's a free program) What ip does the hubitat show up at? I find it strange that the hub is reading that ip but you don't have one there...

Could also use:

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I give-up

Curious, are you doing this through a phone or a PC?

Mobile phone

Try from a PC with chrome


I have the same exactly the same issue but the e-mail has been suspended.

What should I do?

Start a support case on the new Hubitat support portal:

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No solution then? Just wait for the support to conclude that the hub is broken and try to get a new one from the vendor.

Not off to a good start with hubitat

Until you submit a support case, support will be unaware of what issues you have encountered.

You could also start a new thread on the community describing them. It is possible someone might step in with a solution.


We didn't get a chance to look at your hub, yet. I see that you first posted an hour ago, and also noticed the warranty case came through about an hour ago. The good news is that your hub appears to be online and connected to the cloud. So I recommend ensuring the phone is connected to the same subnet as your hub, or use a different device to access the hub.


I would try a few things;

  • Hardwire the hub directly your isp router with an Ethernet cable

  • try to click this link;

  • restart the hub by unplugging at the wallsocket, wait ten seconds and then plug it back in and try the link above again.

If that doesn’t work you have one more option and that is to reset the network settings by using a toothpick in the irregular shaped hole at the bottom.

Sorry, I was upset since I have been looking forward to the hub.

Tried 2 computers and a phone. LAN and wifi. Tried all recommendations, restarting router & hubitat, resetting hubitat.

It is found by MAC and mDNS but it doesnt respond. Chrome and Edge, no luck.

Please press the network reset button on the bottom of the hub with a toothpick or paper clip for 7 seconds. Can you plug the hub and a laptop/pc into the same switch? The go to hubitat.local in your web browser

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Your hub was online earlier, but it was trying to access the wrong IP. Since then, your hub dropped offline. Between the resets, reboots and restarts something is now blocking the hub's access to the cloud, and perhaps the network.


I have the same issue, moved the hubitat to a new location and now cannot connect...