Settings/Z-Wave Details screen

In find that I spend a good of bit of time looking at the Z-Wave Details screen, trying to understand and improve my mesh.

It would be much easier to use this screen if the Route column displayed the Device information rather than, or in addition to, the Node information. When I am trying to follow the Route of a device, I have to keep looking for each Node in the route because the cryptic Node information means nothing to me. It is the Device information that I understand intuitively.

Have you taken a look at


Ditto, was going to reply if you have a C-7 running 2.2.4+ then you really want to install the Z-Wave Mesh Tool app. This will give you the additional visibility to the device route path you are looking for.

Overall, as a fellow owner that constantly obsesses over the Z-Wave mesh, I will warn you there is actually little you can do/influence. The Z-Wave mesh is just going to do it's own thing. Your only real impact is placement of main powered devices and repeaters. To quote one of the HE staff "there is no such thing as too many repeaters". When you blanket an area you simply give the Z-Wave more possible "good paths" for establishing proper routes. But in the end, be prepared to be disappointed and confused by some selections Z-Wave makes, and learn to just accept it and move on. :wink: