Setting up RGBGenie remote ZB-5028


I need a little help getting this remote working. The remote paired perfectly and created 4 child devices.

I made a group with 2 Lightify bulbs and one of the child devices.

But I am unable to control the two bulbs with the remote. The logs indicate that commands are being sent by the child device and received by the hub.


I'm a well-known knucklehead (certified and guaranteed), so I'm probably doing something wrong. A nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!


Being new to Hubitat myself, this may be a bit of the blind leading the blind. But the endpoint children created by the remote driver are actual devices as far as Hubitat is concerned. So even if you had nothing attached to the remote, those commands would still be sent. Mirror me is then used to relay your EP01 device commands (shown in your log) to the desired devices. This needs to be setup through the Mirror Me app. As always, feel free to give me a call at 520-338-8849. Happy to walk you through it.

Co-founder RGBgenie

Edit: @mike.maxwell spent quite a bit of time getting me to understand how the driver works in Hubitat. I had to unlearn everything I knew about Touch-Link.



Thank you so much! Works like a charm. Again - let me reiterate. Awesome support. Really appreciate it!!!


Just bought 2 of these. Glad you are working out how to set them up so that you can help me when they arrive :smile:


Something else to look out for is the remote may go to sleep during discovery, so watch the led light on the remote and when it goes off, just press the power button to wake it back up. It should finish initializing then.


But see, that's just good practice anyway. :wink: As someone who's always used ZHA devices, ZLL devices are a PITA. But from an architecture standpoint, they really are rock solid when left to their own devices (pun totally intended). I've been looking at your remotes for a long time now. I was on the first thread asking about them months ago. Glad to see all the bugs are worked out now. :slight_smile:

Any plans to get the ZB-5004 style remote working? I see that it's not on the list of supported devices.


Yes, we have a prototype with new firmware coming soon to test. So it's in the works.


Sweet! Sign me up! The color controls are beautiful but a little out of my price range. Maybe when I get more color bulbs I'll be able to justify it.


Is the ZB-5001 ready yet? Thanks


All three from that series, the ZB-5001, ZB-5003 and ZB-5004 will be discovered by Hubitat, but currently the only method of using it to control lights is through Touch-Link. It will not behave as a button controller.

The issue is that the remote will not stay awake long enough for Hubitat to finish what it needs to do with the clusters. And unlike the color RGBW remote, it cannot be woken up to do so. We are creating new firmware and hopefully we can get something to Mike soon.


Thanks @Gnant I will be looking for it. There is not a lot of remotes so this would be a great addition.