Setting up RGBGenie remote ZB-5028

Got it working. Realised it's necessary to select one of the buttons 1,2,3,4 to make it work. It's working nicely with the Mirror app. Cool!


@Gnant hi, maybe you can assist me. So I've set up one of my new RGBgenie remotes using Mirror app. I have 3 groups of lights linked to the child apps 1, 2 and 3. The first set works nicely, with color/hue changes, brightess, on/off, the big W button working etc. Everything seems fine, I see the device parameters changing on the device page and the Mirror app is sending these commands through to the 4 lamps nicely. The large on/off button also controls all 3 groups of lights on/off perfectly. But for the other 2 sets of lights, when I click on buttons 2 or 3 to change to control that set of lights, I can control them on and off with a long press on buttons 2 or 3, and can control the brightness with the * buttons, but I'm unable to change the hue/colour with the color picker on the remote. And the device page shows no result when I try to select a color from the remote color picker dial. It seems only to work on the 1st child app. Any ideas how to get the colours working on those other groups?


Can you tell me what the devices are on 2 and 3 and if they connected directly to Hubitat?

Hi, yeah they are just more zigbee bulbs and connected directly to the hub as per the ones for set 1. It just seems that the hue/colour is not getting sent to the child apps beyond #1. Strange.

The only possible complication I see in terms of how I've set it up is that I have 4 lamps in set 1, then 4 in set 2 (but these 4 include 2 from set 1.... eg. 2 of the lamps are shared across set 1 and 2). Then set 3 is a single additional lamp. But everything seems to work fine apart from the colours not changing for sets 2 and 3. Hope it makes sense.

Anyway, none of that should matter because it's after the Mirror app. I'm not seeing any hue/colour activity on the device page of the child apps 2 & 3, so it seems the remote maybe isn't sending that data for groups beyond #1.

Going to bed now. Will continue to test tomorrow and see if I can work it out.

It does make sense. We have experienced issues with color commands when third party devices are connected to the Hue Bridge, but not when connected directly to Hubitat. And mixing devices with different zones should make no difference. Can you email me the logs at

@Gnant Any progress on getting the 5001 to work with HE? thanks

@razorwing. Sorry for the late reply but not as of yet. We are working on it though.

Hi does the ZB-5008 work with HE yet? I'm wanting to get a remote to control the color lights and can't seem to find any of the ones on the compatible device list. (if someone has a link to one of the ones from the compatible device list that would be great)

@jlauzus Hi, did you manage to make ZB-5008 work with HE?

The ZB-5008 (shows up as zb-5028 in hubitat) works with the built in drivers and the built in mirror me app.

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Yep it does work HE and is easy to set up

Got my ZB-5028 a couple of days ago. Got it to pair with the hub... No problem. I see one parent device and four child devices.

Then I set-up the mirror me app. Assigned source devices and assigned bulbs to the slave device. This is where the issues start..... when I press any button on the device, these is no action. If I go into the child device in hubitat and send a command.... Nothing happens either. What am I missing or doing incorrectly?

Edit: the device is not generating any logs either. I have unpaired and paired the device again with hubitat to no avail.

It doesn't sound like the configuration completed.
Try running it again.
Hit the power button on the remote, then while the led is still on immediately click the configure command on the driver details page.

@mike.maxwell Thank you ! Seems to work now. Have to figure out how to use it .... properly !


Hi Sean,
Following this thread, I've managed to partially set my ZB-5028 to work with a HE and a couple of Shelly RGBW2 controllers (running sgrayban drivers), assigned each to his own group, bound to one the 4 group-buttons on the remote in MirrorMe app.
By partially, I mean that I can control the switching and dimming part per each group, but not the color spectrum. The problem originates in this message I get when adding any of the 4 RGBGenie Controller sub-components as "source" in MirrorMe:
RGB events will be ignored.
color events will be ignored.
colorMode events will be ignored.
colorName events will be ignored.
colorTemperature events may be forwarded...
hue events may be forwarded...
level events may be forwarded...
levelChange events may be forwarded...
saturation events may be forwarded...
switch events may be forwarded...
Do you have any idea what might cause this? Is it the ZB-5028 driver or the MirrorMe app?

Can you post a screen shot of the driver details of the shelly driver, the mirror me logs look correct.
Also what is shown in the live logs for the shelly driver when controlling the group?


sorry, meant the upper section of the driver showing the commands