Setting up Elgato Key Light and automating it?

I found a tutorial for home assistant that's pretty straight forward but didn't find anything here in the community that is as easy as this. For someone just starting with HE, any pointers or solutions would be very helpful.

Few things I'm looking to do is...

  • Set a time and/or date(s) when the lights will automatically turn on/off
  • Controlling the temperature of the light depending on other conditions
  • Voice controlling it by adding it to an alexa scene or google home.

This guys made it seem so simple with HA, Home Assistant How To - automate Elgato Key Light - YouTube

It’s a WiFi only device, so not natively supported (only Z-wave and Zigbee) but if it has an open API (or one that is easily sniffed) there may be a community integration. Another route may be to use a set of Alexa routines and a few virtual devices in HE.

I know this is an old thread, but you can try the driver I posted here:

So far seems to be working well including Alexa support, but if you find some issues, as long as I have the means to reproduce/test them, I should be able to resolve those :wink:

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