[RELEASE] Elgato Key Light Driver

Written a simple driver for Elgato Key Light. To install, simply use the raw code driver import.

The driver in its current form allows one to:

  • turn light on/off
  • adjust brightness
  • adjust color temperature using kelvin values

Only tested with regular Key Light as I don't own Key Light Air or Ringlight, but I would expect those to work as well.

As for assistants, Alexa so far seems to work for me and since I don't have any google home devices, couldn't test with that one.

If you find any issue, just post an issue on GitHub and I'll do my best to fix those.


I've tested and validated this driver on Elgato Key Light Air, and Elgato Ring Light. The driver works perfectly and as described.
Validated on/off, brightness, and color temperature with Hubitat built-In Google Home App (Google Assistant). Voice Control works as expected with standard commands.

Thank you!


@kestutis.triponis - My office automation is now complete due to your driver. Thank you so much.


You are a God Send for making this work! I'm just now getting around to it but it worked connecting to Hubitat and allow Google Home App (Google Assistant) to find the device. So now I can control this via my voice but what I'm finding challenging is not able to figure out is I want to do the following.

Through IFTTT setup,
Say, Okay Google.... Enable Studio Mode and the following actions happen:

  1. Both Elgato Key Lights Turn on
  2. My other Floor LED lights Turns on the smart power outlets via smart wifi tuyi (smart life) app.

I've been able to do No.2 but can't get elgato's keylight to be a recognizable command through IFTTT >Google Assistance

Here's the steps I've done for IFTTT Settings:
Create App

  • Choose a service : Google Assistant
  • Use: "Say a simple phrase"
    -- What do you want to say? Example Used: Protocol 123
    Create Trigger
    Then That
    -Add: Hubitat
    --Then "Turn on a device": (Keylight Left ), Create action
    --Add "Turn on a device": (Keylight Right), Create action
    and Add: Smart life "Activate Scene" That's setup to turn on the two floor light sockets
    Review and Finish
    Applet Title: Protocol Studio Mode

So how do I get all 4 lights to turn on with one voice command?

Hoping anyone can steer me in the right way to doing this.



This works so well. Only issue I'm having is that setLevel or other set API calls don't call refresh() so if the light was turned off outside of Hubitat since the last refresh, then it will be turned on again because setting things about the light sends all params. May be that Elgato requires all params for API calls, but if so, worth refreshing first?

There's also less logging in this driver (info logging) than most I think? Made it a bit hard to figure some of this out as a result.

just activated this - thanks!

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Super slick.

Just FYI:

  1. It shows up as a BULB if you are trying to add it to a group.
  2. HomeBridge seems to recognize it as adaptive light.

Any chance you can make it Package Manager compatible?


Any updates to the driver so that it captures if the light was turned off outside of Hubitat? Not a huge deal but would be great!

Also, I added a 4 button Z wave remote to my system to control the light which works great, I can power on/off and adjust brightness and color temp via the remote. I spend a good amount of time on Zoom calls and this lets me quickly make light adjustments without using my phone.

Didn't have much time to work on IoT due to work. Love seeing that people found this useful. As my schedule is clearing up a little, I will go thorough all the comments and try to address them one-by-one. As one comment suggests, definitely a good idea to add some logging and seeing that this sync is an issue, these two will be my first priority. No promises, but I would say expect to see an updated version in a week or two :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I've found it very helpful!

Great work thanks. Very happy I found this.

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