Setting up Conbee 2 and Wireshark for Zigbee Sniffing

Like the title says....I picked up a Conbee 2 USB dongle and I have Wireshark. Before I completely give up on Zigbee at my house, has anyone successfully setup the Cobee 2 and Wireshark on a Mac? I do not have a window's box in my house, and I don't want to spend another $100 to get Parallels Desktop to run it. If you do have experience in setting up Wireshark and Conbee 2 on a Mac I could use some pointers. Thanks.

To be honest I don't know how a sniffer is going to help in diagnosing a zigbee mesh issue.
Have you posted here about the issues that you are having?

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It will help me identify bad Zigbee switches that are dropping during routing. I have spent 6 months working on this and before I rip it all out, this is my last effort.

I had to start wireshark from a terminal on OSX and you need to be root to launch it so, sudo . That is the only way I got it to work for me.

Thanks for the tip. What did you do for drivers for the Conbee? I can’t find any mac drivers.

I made my own stick from an NRF5280 USB stick + firmware. There was no driver issues other than the configuring Wireshark which was a pain, as I remember. I have and prefer using Linux for these kinds of things - it just works better with more examples and users.

Apple really doesn't want you do system admin stuff. Try mounting a NFS drive at startup. I could go even more off topic.

If you really want to see what's going on in detail, it's much easier to get a Xbee and use XCTU. Xbee makes a fantastic long range repeater when you're done with it too.

The thread is massive, so I can save you some time by just suggesting the Xbee I bought, the dev board, and give you the settings needed.

Here's the development board you need to connect it to your Mac.

Here are the XCTU settings I used on my Mac.