setLevel() error in log

I have a single C-8 on running 100+ devices (Zwave, Zigbee, lutron). I run Homebridge V2 on an RPi. Stable system with all devices working fine, but I keep getting "org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MethodSelectionException: Could not find which method setLevel() to invoke from this list:" errors in my logs. This has been happening for many months. I figured it was a driver issue, but since everything was working, I let it lie.

edit: To clarify - I run homebridge on an RPi and the Homebridge V2 app on my C8.

I had good number of error in the log recently, and I noticed the error shows up for a range of devices - zigbee bulbs, zigbee bulb groups, zwave dimmers, and Lutron Caseta dimmers. The error always lists two lines below the error message:
one ending in "#setLevel(jana.lang.Object)" and
one ending in "#setLevel(java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object) on line 1485 (method setLevel)"

Can't see how it is driver issue given the range of devices. Here is a recent set of logs showing the errors. Any ideas?

So, the question is... What App or Integration is making those setLevel() calls to those devices? Is it always coming from HomeKit? Or do you have any Apps installed on the Hubitat hub that are making those calls?

Just a guess... It appears that the App that is making the calls is not properly formatting the parameters in a way that results in the driver being able to find a matching command. setLevel() typically can be called with just the LEVEL value, or the LEVEL value and the DURATION value.


I see these from time to time as well. I'm pretty sure it is coming from the Homebridge V2 app, but I don't use Siri very much for adjusting the lights, since I also have dimmers in every room. I still have 20 RGBW lights on the Homebridge app because I like the way Adaptive Lighting works and the built-in Homekit app doesn't support that (another hint for @gopher.ny :wink:)

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Interesting... Perhaps that is why I never see these errors. I use the other Homebridge integration written by @dan.t. It only uses Maker API on the Hubitat side, so no custom community written code.

We use both homekit (the Home app on iphones) and Alexa for voice. This is super helpful, I can run some tests.

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I can recreate these errors! For a dimmer switch that is on, if I click on the device in the home app and then turn it off by sliding the dimmer to zero I get this error. If I turn the light off by clicking on the bulb in the dashboard of the home app - no error.

This is true of a Lutron caseta, and a zwave enbrighten.

Alexa will be the next test.

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I use Lutron's native HomeKit integration with Apple Home. It works very reliably for me, and it is still local. I try to use the native HomeKit integrations whenever possible. I do the same with my Philips Hue bridge. This way, even if I am working on the Hubitat hub, my family can still use Apple Home/Siri to control almost every light in the house.

I use Homebridge with Hubitat as I set it up before Hubitat added HomeKit support. Homebridge has worked so well, that I really never thought about changing it. I pretty much only expose my Hubitat Zigbee sensors and one Zigbee ceiling fan over Homebridge.

I did just try using Apple Home to control Homebridge connected the ceiling fan light. I could not reproduce the errors in your logs, no matter how I turned the light on/off or changed the slider. This is probably because I am using a different Homebridge integration with Hubitat, as I mentioned above.

Aside from the Adaptive Lighting feature, is there any reason you don't simply switch over to Hubitat's built-in HomeKit integration? Perhaps that would resolve the issue and remove the reliance on Homebridge?

That's the only thing keeping me from moving the remainder of my lights (RGBW) to the built-in integration. It's a WAF issue. I am able to reproduce the error on individual bulbs and groups of lights by moving the slider in the Home app all the way to zero. That's why I rarely see the error. I think it must be my youngest daughter that does this, as it's usually her lights that show the error. The dimmers that are on the built-in Homekit app don't cause the error btw.

I also set up my homebridge integration before the HE had a built in integration. I haven't changed either to the Maker API or the built in because it has been stable and functioning. The lights turn on and off even though an error is logged. I guess it is a bit of the "the devil I know".

edit: BTW, I haven't been able to recreate this error using Alexa. Will update if I find a scenario that does.

edit 2: It is interesting that in the Alexa app I couldn't drag the dimmer slider control to zero. It stops at 1%.

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Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm going to do nothing about this until functionality is impacted. I can live with an error in the logs as long as the lights work.