Set volume of speach device

It would be really helpful if the option to capture the current media volume of a speach device, such as a google home, set the volume for an announcment and then restore the original volume, was built into the speeach part of hubitat.

I know this can be done in RM but it is cumbersome and there are many other places in hubitat that it would be helpful such as HSM.

For example, I have my google home announce which door is open, and preventing HSM from arming, but sometimes the volume is set so low that we don't even hear it. It would be awesome just to hit one check box saying "capture current volume and restore after announcement" and then another input field where you would input the volume of the announcement.

Obviously some announcements you're willing to have louder than others if they are emergecny type announcments as well.


I know the Alexa Voice Services API does not have that feature, and I don’t believe that the Chromecast or Google Assistant API does either.

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It is possible with Google Homes through Rule Machine, just not available to do outside of rule machine:

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I’m working on a new version of Speaker Central which does exactly that.
Even if the speaker does not natively support it.
You will be able to set a fixed value, or a percentage increase of the existing

In beta testing it seems to work really well


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That would be awesome!!

My Follow Me / What did I say combo does this now and a lot more. :grin:

Options are good!

I've been poking around reading about this app of yours! It sounds awesome. I think I just need some more motion sensors to pick up when we are in some main rooms. I don't have motion sensors in the bedroom which is one place I think I would need them for Follow me to really shine as we spend a lot of time in that room. Happy there are some user app options though!!

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Hi @bptworld , I know this is an old post I'm replying to but just finally got around to checking out your app for saying a notification on a Google home device and then restoring volume as I was asking in the above posts about.

You mentioned that your app does this and more but in the speaker capabilities disclaimer in your app, it says that Google home/nest devices can't have the volume restored to the previous level?

Google devices do not have this ability built in but my app has a way to work around it.

Ok thanks for that clarification. Is there something specific I need to do? I've set the volume for notifications in the child device at 20 but notifications are still coming through at the last volume the speaker was at which was 60.

Please post a debug log (screenshots) of the device speaking.


Of course now when I do a debug log for you it works! It hadn't worked until this point for some reason....

I just created a rule and an action within it to speak on that speaker for you and then ran the action.

I'll have to do some more testing with my other rules that weren't working.

P.S. I appreciate how you build in the ability to disable debugging after a certain period of time into the app!

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