Serial Bridge, Infrared (IR), Contact Closure, etc

I have a few devices (mostly in an AV rack) for which I require serial control. At the moment, it would be enough to simply add power on/off commands manually. This enables someone to watch something in the home theater simply by pushing one button on a dashboard. The same in reverse when it is time to turn things off (or when leaving the house, going to sleep, etc. and someone forgot to turn something off).

At the moment basic RS232 is likely all that's required. But I could see how in the case of AV, I would want to add IR blasters, some contact closure/12V triggers, etc. Any ideas as to a simple one stop solution such as Global Caché products that includes CC, RS232, and IR? I have seen this post: [RELEASE] Send IP2IR - Control all of your IR devices from your Dashboard but I think this only supports the IR output features?


That is correct, Send IP2IR only controls IR devices. RS232 is a whole different animal. Way over my head, sorry.

Doesn't IP2IR just sent telnet serial command anyways? I'm wondering if a simple Ethernet to RS232 combined with the code from IP2IR solves that problem?

There's also an IR class for Hubduino using ESP boards. I have 2 of them working and they work great.

I have Smartthings Hub and a few Global Cache GC-100. Unfortunately, there is no chance of operation RS-232 for the projector or Denon amplifier. Can Hubitat, in addition to infrared support, now work with RS232 Global Cache ?? If so, I run to the store to buy Hubitat. :))

I am also looking for Hubitat to rs232 support. Did anyone find anything or have any ideas?

RS232 can be supported on an ESP8266 running Tasmota. Though there is no direct driver for that as of yet, my driver for Tasmota could be modified to work. It’s also probably possible to do with Hubuino. All of this requires some programming at this stage though. It also depend on the protocol running over RS232. Maybe someone else knows of something easier?

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This is to support a Carrier Infinity AC system. The only thing the idiots at Carrier provide is a “gateway” that communicates over RS232. The “protocol” is simple ASCII commands so I am fine creating the driver for that.

That protocol would be possible on Tasmota with sendserial and receiveserial. My modified Tasmota firmware pushes responses directly back to HE without polling. If you prefer MQTT you could use standard Tasmota. You could probably build it off my RF/IR driver. Though my drivers are not really meant to be edited manually it can be done. Will release a new version soon which might be easier to modify for your purpose. Or you can look at other drivers which may be easier to modify. To interface any ESP8266 module would do, but I'd get something from the Sonoff line to make it easier with installation guides, pinout etc. Or an ESP8266 based Arduino. Don't forget the bi-directional level converter to 9V... Exactly what is best in hardware for reliable RS232 with ESP8266 I'm sure a quick Google search answers better than I do.

Interesting. I was hoping there was some kind of support for a global cache type device to take those details out of it. But I will study up on what you suggested. Thanks for the ideas.

There might be, I'm relatively new here and haven't caught up on everything. I do find ESP8266 devices can be very reliable, and the Tasmota firmware is VERY stable, with or without my modifications for Hubitat. If you do go down the route of Tasmota, I'd be happy to give you pointers and coding help.

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Thanks a lot for the help.

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There is a driver for the Global Cache IP2IR Device, that leads me to believe that their serial adapters could also be supported.

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Anybody have any relevant updates here? I am considering moving to Hubitat with a new home build and also considering doing some video distribution that would require RS-232 input for the level of control I want to have over it (or to avoid another massive $ outlay). thx

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