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Hello glorious Hubitat community! I'm looking for some feedback/suggestions on how I should handle an issue I'm having with some of my Office lighting. My wife has gifted me several lighting devices from the brand 'Govee' over the years and now I have almost 12 devices in my office (RGB strips, light bars, ceiling bulbs). Govee allows for the use of APIs to turn off and on these devices, however, the issue is with the API rate-limit. Currently, the rate-limit for device control is 10 commands per minute.

Sorry for the long intro, a bit of background usually helps speed things along.
Issue: Too many commands are being sent at the same time using 'Motion and More Lighting App'
Question: How should I delay/stagger the turning lights off and on? I could create a scenario in rule machine to turn on some then wait and turn on more (I use motion sensors). Is there a better way of doing this? Or perhaps an apps code that i've yet to find?
Thank you for reading!

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What is the model of the light devices you have. Do any of them support Local Lan Control? Did you upgrade to the newer integration or are you using the older one that is just a driver?

The rate limit is suppose to be 10 per device per min. So it shouldn't be a problem just because you have more devices if it is following what is documented.

First thing I would do is if you haven't, upgrade to the new Integration as it support local Lan control if the device does. Enable lan control for all of the devices that support it and that will help make the api limits less of a problem.

Of the 140+ devices they have with cloud access 52 currently support lan control. That is one of the best way to remove the rate limits If you can.

Lastly I would reach out to Govee and ask what they can do to help you. I believe you may even be able to ask for them to override the value for your account. They even asked me at one point if i needed them to adjust my account for the Rate limits. It can't hurt to ask their support staff.

The thread for the new integration is:

Thanks for the quick reply! I have quite a few that have the Lan Control within the Govee app. Ill look into this!
Also, thank you for all your hard work and the contributions you have made to this community, the scripts you have written are fantastic!

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You are very welcome. I am fairly invested in these functions so allot of it is for me, and i am just happy others get good use out of it as well. If you have any hiccups or issues along the way let me know we will get it worked out.

Side question, what hub are you currently using? I just purchased a c8 and migrated from a c7 and holy hell this new c8 hates my zigbee devices. wondering if I should return to the c7.

I am on a C8 and upgraded from a C7 myself.

I am mostly Zwave though. My breakdown is like 52 Zwave devices and 17 Zigbee. I have had to power cycle a few zigbee devices and I think i remember having to add my ceiling fan back in. but for the most part it has worked. My zwave stuff has been pretty rock solid.

I think based on all the changes in the firmware there seems to be growing pains with the new Zigbee radio. If you can I would encourage you to try to stick it out until they get it stabilized. Also based on my experience I think devices that are slightly problematic before may seem to be a bit more unstable until they get this figured out. The devices i have had minor issues with are the same ones that have always been a little flacky in my setup.

Most of my zigbee stuff dates back to Smartthigs days. All of that stuff has always been rock solid. It is just my gelapto led strip controller and my KOF Zigbee fan controller that are a little bit flacky.

Again, thanks for the info! do you currently use any z-wave motion and contact sensors? if so would you mind sharing the brand?

When I switched over to Hubitat I settled on Ring Gen2 gear for contact and motion sensors. I was replacing a Smartthings ADT Security panel and wanted to use it enable security system like functionality. The fact the Ring gear talk to the hub regularly to report status like battery and it is was all Zwave 700 gear is largely what sold me on them. They also have Tamper alerts on the all the sensors as well. It has been rock solid for me though I know some folks haven't had the best experience with it.

I know in europe some folks have had major issues with the Ring Gen2 motion sensors as well. It seems like there was a firmware issue over there that would cause them to drop off the network so if you are in the EU don't do it.

The Ring Gen2 Contact Sensors just seem to work for me with no issues. They use 2 CR2032 and so far I have not had to replace any batteries since i put them in a few years ago.

The Ring Gen2 Motion sensors work really well but do go through batteries about every 6 months. I don't see that as a issue though as they are AAA batteries and they report well so you can actually kind of predict when they are about to go.

I use a app on the hub that monitors the sensors so i now pretty quickly if any of them go offline. I isn't as good as a actual security system, but it works.

I live in the states so maybe that might be a good choice. ill check them out! I use " Device Activity Check" as a pseudo monitor, which app are you using?
Sorry! one other question, do you know why devices created by your "Govee Integration" app are not getting populated in the "Swap Apps Device" for new device replacement drop down?

ah nevermind, they are considered child devices, which isn't supported by swap device apps

I use Device activity check as well. They have their own group that has a inactivity threshold of 2 hours.

I wasn't exactly sure why they don't show up in Swapp App Devices. So thank you for that answer.

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