Sensibo Issue

Need some help.....
Haven't used the Sensibo integration for a while. I just tried it using the Dashboard. The pod devices are there, I used the thermostat template, but cannot do anything with the tile, So I started investigating and noticed that I am getting device errors in the log e.g.:

dev:4812024-02-03 11:36:49.269 AMerrorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method toDouble() on null object on line 1872 (method refresh)

dev:4812024-02-03 11:33:03.019 AMerrorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'value' on null object on line 1713 (method refresh)

dev:4812024-02-03 11:32:55.976 AMerrororg.codehaus.groovy.runtime.metaclass.MissingMethodExceptionNoStack: No signature of method: user_driver_joyfulhouse_SensiboPod_385.generateEvent() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [[temperature:72.9, humidity:39, targetTemperature:73, fanLevel:auto, ...]]
Possible solutions: generateModeEvent(java.lang.Object) (method generateEvent)

Since I am a very amateur coder (I usually break things more than fix) I could not figure this out. I am using the device driver from previous posts ([OBSOLETE] Sensibo integration - Community Created SmartApps - SmartThings Community). I tried installing a new API key, with the same results. The Dashboard just kind of shows status with no control available. I can click till the cows come home :slight_smile:

Is there an updated working driver and/or app for the HE Sensibo integration??? Will the gods of HE ever have a built in app for these wildly popular devices??

I plan on adding a Sensibo Air along with my Sensibo Sky devices and plan on automating - so help to get this working would be much appreciated, Thx

No I haven't seen an update. I managed to get mine working with changing the driver to the virtual thermostat, updating the mode types (see posts about this that shows the problem for thermostat tiles on non updated drivers).. In saying this I just noticed one of mine was drill playing up just now but I can't seem to get it working like the other sensibo device..

I wish Sensibo themselves saw value in creating a driver for their devices. We paid a premium for these...

So in saying that... The two drivers created for sensibo last time I looked (many moons ago) were not being updated and won't ever be...

But maybe give this one a go? I haven't tried it buy I may change mine over to this driver as it shows some good potential.

Where might this post be located? And by non-updated drivers, are referring to the post from 2018 with the driver from GitHub?

It appears that what you are referring to in this response is a App and not a driver. 'Scuse my ignorance but shouldn't the app be written to a driver and vica versa? Would be so nice if HE would incorporate an official sanctioned driver... Anybody from HE listening to the multiple requests.....

I belueve it's both an app and drive install. App for setting sensibo authorisation and driver for the thermostat device.. However I'm no expert so I could be wrong.

I'm using blink driver from somewhere on the thread below. Mainly because it worked with the tiles... However I had to do the trick to make it work in a tile seeing these drivers in this thread have not been in development for a while.

However they have been working.. If I was going to reinstall sensibo devices I'd be using the driver from the link above. Edit: Seems the app above onky creates a switch... So maybe the versions in the thread below may still be worth a look... Although keep in mind you need to update the modes as per the bottom link.

Place where I found the work around for dated drivers

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I can confirm that the app using the code from the original post creates a switch device. I haven't tried any other drivers, but I had one from somewhere that was working, but it stopped after I did an HPM update. I'll try the suggested procedures in the last post before this one.

Well the ones I'm using (blink I believe) are working well for me. After the work around.