Sensibo Integration

I have created a pull request for the Sensibo integration by @VeloWulf

This is a significant change to the integration:

  • implements full thermostat capabilities
  • uses async http requests (reduces cpu resources by 50%)
  • uses far fewer requests ( 70% less )
    • could be much more if you have more than 1 Sensibo device

Both files need to be updated for proper operation - this should be done by hand.

Note that capabilities, commands have changed. Let me know of any problems.

I expect this should now work with Hubitat's other integrations now that it has standard thermostat capabilities.

I sent a pull request as the HPM references point to his repositories.

You can find the pull request here if you want to try it out:

Original thread:

If you are doing a new install of Sensibo (first time), you can use HPM, then replace the installed files with the files from the above pull request by hand.

For details on HPM:

For details on installing apps by hand:

App install file link:

For details on installing drivers by hand:

Driver install file link:

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Thanks for doing this update - it has addressed a fair few of my TO DO items. For those that are interested the updated code is merged into the repo and can be updated via HPM.