Sense Energy Monitor

I had a Brultech and a TED5000. Now I have a Sense. The Sense is by far the best one I've used. It's super easy to install, only has 2 CT clamps (unless you have solar, then it has 4), and the app is well designed and useful. The other products had a bunch more CT clamps, and in the case of the Brultech, a terrible windows app for collecting the data and storing it in a database that would routinely fill up and become useless.

That Curb thing looks neat, but that's a lot of CT's to install.

not as bad as you think, Mr. shock therapy here did this install himself in about 4 hours...
I can't imagine anyone has more twin breakers than my panel...
18 clamps in there.

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Isn't that blue box slightly out of plumb? :wink:

Very nice work in spite of the above comment.

yeah, it's on the punch list...

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Fix those cover plate screws !! Don't you see they are all wonky ??? PICK a DIRECTION !!!


I truly was kidding. Like commenting on the screw slots not lined up on someone's light switch picture. (Probably why someone came up with the hidden fastener plates).
The install is truly impressive.

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I had to seriously resist screwless plates like I installed everywhere else in the house, but this is in the shop for god sake...

BTW, I know you live around me somewhere, c'mon over and fix them, I'll even let you borrow my screw sticks...

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ROLF !! You live in Spokane, WA ??

No, other end of the state (the rainy part), right between Seattle and Everett...

Damn that sucks... I like rain but like all 4 seasons too.


Ha if only I had that much extra room in my panel! I found this picture from early 2016 after I installed it.

Needless to say it had to be pulled when my electrician had to add several new GFI/Arc Fault breakers into this panel. Looks much worse now with more wires.

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Mine's pretty tight also, I should have taken a pic when I had the cover off a few days ago. It was already cramped, and I just had another 100A subpanel installed, and a generator hookup. Every single slot is full, some with double breakers like yours.

Guys, if you're building a house, make sure you specify a large panel (with 400a service if you can get it). A larger panel only costs a few bucks more, and once it's in, you're pretty much stuck w/ what you got.

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I just tried this with Hubconnect and it doesn't seem to work. I sent them from ST as "Switches" and they don't seem to update, or produce power info in HE. ST looks perfect.

Would vastly prefer to just port to HE, but I can't find what to replace:

"catch( ex)" with. Just swapping physicalgraph for hubitat doesn't work (seems like UnknownDeviceTypeException isn't a valid call within Hubitat).

Anyone have any ideas? I'd really prefer to just shut off my ST hub if at all possible. =/

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@staze I'm right there with you. I will not be happy with Hubitat until it supports this critical part of my smart home abilities.

I was looking at this but not enough info for me to decipher. I'm pretty technical but no developer or anything like that so I at least need a little guidance to set things like this up and I'm not able to find anything detailing how to go about this. I was able to install python and pip and the package but not sure what to do after that at all. I will continue looking into it though.

I've made a little progress porting the ST stuff over to Hubitat, but not a lot. Something still isn't working, but I'm not getting any feedback (via debug or anything). =/

@staze that's awesome keep us updated and if we can be of any help just let us know.

Let me know what you need help with I actually wrote the Sense integration you are porting from ST and brian merged it into his repo.


Hey @tonesto7!

I've got it so it doesn't error, but it doesn't do anything at this point either. lol. doesn't create devices, etc.

I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot further. Feel free to look at my code. There was a workaround that @storageanarchy helped me with (seemingly from Hubitat having a broken implementation of a function).

I'm a hack at best, so having someone else that's an actual programmer and knows Groovy would be much more productive. =)

Where is your code?

oh sorry about that. lol. GitHub - staze/SmartThings_SenseMonitor: Connects SmartThings with Sense

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