Sense Energy Monitor


It will be great to have this port over to Hubitat.


I agree my MQTT keeps disconnecting so I can't rely on what my dashboard says


Hey Hubitat pimps!

Is there someone who could provide me with a basic, yet comprehensive understanding of the established process Hubitat uses to prioritize the list of proposed/approved apps in line for development?

Does Hubitat set policies which dictates which proposed apps are prioritize higher or lower? For instance, do certain 3rd party brands or capabilities get preferential consideration when prioritizing?

I'd love to see whatever you guys use to outline the Proposed App Development Live Cycle decision chart, if you have one. If you don't have one, what else do you have your interns do?

I understand that the community members take it upon themselves to show off their coding skills. Do any manufacturers of these 3rd party devices ever come correct, and provide resources to develop an integration app?

This is all being asked here because I have just installed a Sense monitor. This one device has done more to assist my smart house to live up to its designation. The part of my brain that handles coding and language skills must have been struck repeatedly or somehow lost oxygen supply at some point at a kid, cause when I tried to learn it.... Let's just say things ended up broke.

My point to all that is I switched over from ST to Hubitat awhile ago, and I'm by and large happy. However I get sad when I see multiple established customer needs/wants for the integration of a specific 3rd party device. That like reads like I'm a pouting passive aggressive (PAGRO) who wants you to stop everything to focus on what's important to me.... Yeah, that's accurate.


I understand the concepts of "resources constraints" and "feel free to get it started. Oh you can't, that's right... That's a real shame". I'm just curious so i can manage my expectations and how I'll posture when I execute OPERATION PERPETUAL PESTER, which is my planned directed influence campaign targeting Sense development. I'll get them to the point which we call "critical mass", and is defined as the moment a project manager realizes the resources and energy required to manage our campaign has exceeded the resources and energy which would be required to just develop a Hubitat integration app. It never ceases to amaze me when we see how quickly this strategy can succeed!



I have a really good contact at Sense if it would help at all.

I've noticed that the Sense struggles with devices that draw power in multiple ways such as motor + heating elements or ones that pause and then start up again.


That's cool Matt I watched your video before my purchase and a few times after my purchase. Thanks for the contributions I just subbed to your channel sir!


Ha! Thanks so much ... appreciate it.


Yes please


Pete, What is your email address? I'll pass along your information.


I love your videos!


Thanks @BrandonD! Really appreciate it.


Hi. Did you get a chance to talk to your Sense contact?


Hi all I am looking for Coupon or Discount of this device, if you have I will appreciate, The DAD50 did work.


We're currently working with Curb on a native local integration.


From my last conversation, they're open to integrations but they do not officially support any hubs at this time. He suggested using IFTTT


you mean?


Yeah, that's it.


oh I take back my heart sorry...

I thought Curb was someone at sense and I jumped the gun and got excited.


Curb is $100 more then Sense @ $299 also. I can't see myself paying that kind of money.


Also looks like a way more complicated time consuming install, it would have to have some extremely better features to justify it.


Yes it is a very long install especially if you have a crammed panel. I had one for about a year (Kickstarter purchase) and had to remove it during an addition that required a bunch of new twin breakers. I ran out of room with all the CT clamps. Ended up selling it. The app UI wasn’t that great at that time but maybe things have improved.