Sense Energy Monitor


So the biggest issue is the node server.js is not connecting to Hubitat correctly. The port should be 39502. After changing the server.js file to the correct websocket port I am still getting the same issue:

ERROR: Unable to connect to SmartThings Hub: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
9/25/2019, 20:32:03 | Sense WebSocket Closed | Reason: Normal


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The app/server should probably just be updated to use an app endpoint. HubActions are a pain in the ass

Here are the two methods I use to get the Endpoint URLs by pass the path only:

String getAppEndpointUrl(subPath)   { return "${getApiServerUrl()}/${getHubUID()}/apps/${app?.id}${subPath ? "/${subPath}" : ""}?access_token=${state?.accessToken}" }
String getLocalEndpointUrl(subPath) { return "${getLocalApiServerUrl()}/apps/${app?.id}${subPath ? "/${subPath}" : ""}?access_token=${state?.accessToken}" }

OK so this is looking like a complete rewrite of the server.js node file. :frowning:

no i don't think it needs to be rewritten...

@tonesto7 Sorry, do you mean you'll try porting it over? I have it running in ST, but it doesn't really push to Hubitat properly (seems like hubconnect really only supports Switches and something else, and the Sense devices just don't have the data once they're in HE).


If you aren't in a hurry it shouldn't take me long to port over to HE


Nope. not in a hurry at all. Would LOVE to get this ported. =)



@staze This is awesome thanks guys. I can't wait been waiting for this integration for sometime.

I think I'm going to (maybe still not 100%) pull the trigger on one of these.

Anyone want to talk some "Sense" into me? What's the integration looking like? Am I going to be able to make my non-smart applicances report reliably in HE? What about CURB @mike.maxwell ? Why did you choose this over Sense?

Oh, and if I do, anyone want to buy a gently used Aeon HEM?

They reached out to us requesting an integration, it was that simple.

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Pricey! Since there’s no gratis units headed my way, I just ordered Sense (I’m very weak at resisting smart home tech). Hope this community integration pans out.

Anyone interested in the Aeon HEM (which is actually very reliable for laundry notifications), please PM me.

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I've had Sense for ~3 years. The rate of device discovery can vary dramatically from panel to panel. While, I'm satisfied with my experience, temper your expectations - especially for low wattage devices. This recent Reddit review on r/Sense closely parallels my experience.


That’s even more encouraging. Don’t you live in Louisiana? I’m primarily looking at a HEM that can identity more devices for notifications. But the idea that it will pay for itself is very encouraging. I’m in it for the long term with these types of devices, so a slow “learning” period is fine by me. If ROI is two years, that too is fine by me. We don’t have central air, so I do not expect to recover my investment in a year’s time.

Looking forward to this, but need to replace the Aeon HEM laundry notifications if I’m going to sell it, so this must succeed in that regard.

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Yup. My situation is similar - most major appliances identified. Annual savings are little more.

That's the part I'm slightly concerned about. It will succeed, but it might take a year for the washer and dryer to be identified. Remember that with the Aeotec HEM, human intelligence determines when the device is on and off. With Sense, even if you identify a current draw pattern by eye very rapidly, it can take a long time for their machine learning algorithms to pick it up.

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So isn’t there a way now with Sense to manually identify a device? Or are you saying that even with their current software, I could manually identify a device, but it wouldn’t necessarily be able to match up that later if it didn’t have enough data about the devices electrical signature?

That's it - no current way to manually identify a device. This feature has been requested frequently. So you have to wait for their machine learning algorithms to identify devices.

You can add a smart plug to a device and identify that way. You also now have the ability to say what you have at your house to better scope limit the Machine Learning. It still thinks I have some phantom pool pump (I don’t have a pool), but i’ve Been pretty happy with Sense. I came from a TED5000 (and before that a TED1000), so my expectations were pretty mediocre. Overall, i’ve Been happy.


Yes, I forgot about that.

Wemo and TP-Link smart plugs are supported. But the device has to be plugged into the smart plug all the time. You cannot identify something and then remove the smart plug.

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If you have hue it will find the lights that way